View Full Version : what's that? who got their c&r today? I DID!

09-05-2009, 2:31 PM
thats right 3 weeks from the day I sent out the app. I'd like to thank andalusi for giving me his spare app. now it's time to fill out the Coe before I buy guns at the shop because I don't like to wait for my guns to sit in jail until proven innocent.

09-05-2009, 3:08 PM
Lock up your credit cards ITS ON!!!!!!!:43:

09-05-2009, 4:26 PM
sweet! You got you C&R fast! I sent in 3 weeks ago for an ammended license (I moved) and nothing yet...:wheelchair:
SO, Email, scan, copy, get them out to all the vendors so you can spend all your money on some good old rifles....O, BTW, I have a Yugo M48 Mauser for sale...it's C&R! see my sig:cool:

09-05-2009, 6:22 PM
UGH... i sent in my app about 3 weeks ago, and they havent even cashed my check yet...

09-05-2009, 11:50 PM
Hey OP are you in Ventura? Do you know Trent?

09-06-2009, 12:16 AM
yeah im by ventura in oxnard but i dont know trent

09-06-2009, 3:04 PM
as of right now I have

no4 mk1 enfield
m1 garand

I think it's a pretty good start. my dream guns are an svt, hakim, and that's really it c&r wise the rest are fairly inexpensive. but I think my next one will be an m1 carbine then I'll move on to save for my ar, and 92fs

River Jack
09-06-2009, 4:21 PM
Still waiting on mine. It's only been about 3 weeks though. In addition to the SVT-40 and the Hakim, here are a few more cool semi-autos to keep an eye out for (at least I always am):

SKS (a fair number of varieties and price ranges), my favorite platform
Rasheed (or Rashid), the carbine version of the Hakim
Swedish Ljungman (the gun the Hakim copied)
VZ 52/57 (another favorite)
MAS 49
K43 (probably gonna need to work up to this one, as they are pricey)

Best of luck, and most importantly...have fun.


09-07-2009, 8:35 PM
Trent is my buddy who is from Ventura who is Steel Rain Gunsmithing... They place I work at.