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Mr Twisted
09-01-2009, 9:21 PM
The SSA is planning a series of test mid week man VS Man night matches.. Were thinking 3 possible divisions Stock guns, Open & shotguns in a Man Vs Man format using plate racks, tEXAS STARS, Pepper poppers and cross poppers.

Were thinking maybe fees to be $15 for the first heat,$5 for the second and $5 for the 3 rd. Heats would start at 7,8 and 9 PM . Enter as many heats and guns as you wish. Lets say you blow out the first heat you still can reenter in another division and still come to the grand finale shoot-off at the end with a cash prize.

The opinion were asking is Tuesday or Wed. nite better. How many times a month would you perhaps participate.

Were thinking we'd might try 3 times a month till we could see the demand.....

MAN ON MAN IS DRAG RACING WITH GUNS. We even now own a Christmas Tree.

More details available To follow if we get a interest.

09-01-2009, 10:32 PM

09-02-2009, 8:40 AM
yes yes yes I want to do this! damn damn damn I work nights!

09-02-2009, 9:44 AM
2 shooters in if this is a go

09-02-2009, 11:31 AM
Might be able to do this, keep us posted.

09-02-2009, 11:32 AM
I'm in. Let me know when you set a date.

09-02-2009, 2:40 PM
Count me in! I should be able to drag along a couple more too. I should be able to make it at least twice a month.

09-02-2009, 3:08 PM
Sound like a blast I'd go whenever I could.

09-02-2009, 11:50 PM
Tuesday nights please :D

09-03-2009, 5:49 AM
no tuesdays

09-03-2009, 7:04 PM
I am interested. I will just have to reschedule my work to get off in time for it. Will this be shot under lights of some sort or will it be by laser and flashlight? I have not noticed any lights on the berms. I would try to make it as often as possible. What is a Christmas tree (I mean the target, not the holiday decoration :santa:).

Mr Twisted
09-03-2009, 9:15 PM
The SSA has flood lights we can bring out to light the berms, Xmas tree...Think Drag Strip...get the picture too much fun

09-03-2009, 9:52 PM
At least once a month.

Mr Twisted
09-04-2009, 8:54 PM
We will be having a dress rehearsal at Sundays match. Be there It will be Xmas in the summer.

09-04-2009, 9:02 PM
where in norco would this be?

Mr Twisted
09-04-2009, 10:10 PM
Raahauge shooting range site of the Turners Sports Fair 14995 River Rd Corona


Mr Twisted
09-08-2009, 8:58 AM
Dress rehearsal when smooth and flawlass , except for some brain fade problems with the shooters All the shooters couldn;t get enough, we could of gone all day and night.

09-08-2009, 10:16 PM
The drag racing was great fun. It was also entertaining to watch. There were a lot of close finishes and a few unexpected ones. The pace didn't seem to be too slow either.

I hope to see a lot of other people out there in the evenings. Don't miss out on the fun guys and gals. This is great practice for the Sunday matches.

It looks like I might have to bum a gun for a match or two. I finally got a couple of my pistols over to Dave's gun works for repair and upgrades. I'm not sure if I would survive a whole month without shooting. Unless I can shoot my Ruger MkIII Hunter 22 at the drag races. That would sure be an unfair advantage. :D

There were a bunch of awesome shooters at the match this Sunday. I think I did ok on the match, but I was still near the bottom of the list. Those masters and Steel masters are smokin' fast. I just saw on the score sheet that David Cutts competed. I missed him on the range. I owe him for intoducing me to competitive shooting by way of his intro to IPSC course at Prado. Thanks David.

Happy shooting

09-09-2009, 9:57 PM
Any news as far as when the night matches will be held?

09-15-2009, 7:40 PM
Any news as far as when the night matches will be held?

+1 is this still a go?

Mr Twisted
09-16-2009, 6:51 AM
Dates are still unsure Some want it Tuesdays and some want it Wenesdays

Meeting Big Mike tomorrow to discuss the shoot ladder.

09-17-2009, 2:54 PM
Sounds great!

Can you clarify the classes a little bit more? I'd love to bring out the AR-22 again. It misses SSA!

Mr Twisted
09-17-2009, 6:33 PM
Were thinking mostly pistol calibers and shotgun We can recalibrate for 22 but unless we get a lot of 22 shooters it wouldn't be worth it. Hard to clasify not knowing who or If anyone will show up.

Man on man shoot-off require 32, 16,8 &or 4

Won't know until everyone is there. With LA night traffic it's crap shoot. We will have 3 start times. 7PM,8PM and 9PM. If you get there late for a 7pm start than jump in on the 8pm so on You only pay for what you shoot.

I visulize 3 different berms 3hourly matches on each berm for 9 possible matches. We'll have to see how it goes .

Everything depends on everyone being there by 7PM.

First match will be Sept 29th Be at the range 6:30 PM

09-17-2009, 6:39 PM
Unfortunately, I get off work at 7 :( heh. But I'd love to try and make one of these. I could probably get off early, but then I'd have to deal with the 91 traffic.

Sucks about the .22. I love shooting SSA with a rifle, but I don't have a featureless 9mm so I can only run 10's and a bullet button :(

Mr Twisted
09-17-2009, 6:43 PM
I can bring my 9mm cars (2)for guys to use. We'll have the first match 9/29th You can make the 8 &9pm matches

Mr Twisted
09-23-2009, 5:31 AM
Chris and I will getting out to Norco to hang lights and have a night rehearsal before the 29th. Anyone wishing to comeout and play a while to practice let just show up on Monday the 28th. after 7pm.

09-23-2009, 9:13 AM
I'll try to show up monday night but will definetly be there tuesday.

09-24-2009, 8:31 PM
Ron, what time would you like to meet on Monday for rehearsal? Should we arrive while it is still light so that we can make sure we have power and get some lights set up to work by?

Mr Twisted
09-25-2009, 9:29 AM
Good idea, I can be there anytime you can make it. Anyone else wishing to check it out,;is welcome to hangout too.

09-25-2009, 8:49 PM
I think I can make it by 5pm. That should give us an hour or so to find power and get some lighting on each berm. I will give you a call on Monday when I am on my way. I will be working in Orange, so I will most likely head through carbon canyon and chino on my way to the range.

I have 50' cords for the lights and I will make sure that we have whats needed to attach the lights to 4x4 wood posts. Is there anything else I should bring? I will have my work truck, so I should have just about any tool that I will need. Do you have the method/material to set the 4x4's in the ground? I heard you talk about setting square tubing in the ground, but I didn't think to ask about it on Sunday.

Mr Twisted
09-25-2009, 9:33 PM
Yes we have a post hole digger but I want to see this go well before I do that. The club will re-inburse you for any expenses. See you at 5 PM Monday

Mr Twisted
09-27-2009, 7:23 AM
All the fun starts this Tuesday See you thhere:)