View Full Version : POF .308 upper on DPMS/Fulton Lower?

08-29-2009, 8:30 AM
Does anybody know if a POF.308cal upper will fit on a Fulton .308 Lower? From all the searches I've conducted I've read that one of the pivot points on the POF .308 upper takes a smaller pin. There also has been suggestion that Bushmaster makes a pin that will overcome this problem but has anbody actually tried this?

Offset Pin
Adapts a Colt Lower Receiver (with large hole) to M16 Forward Assist type Upper Receiver with smaller hole.

I did post an email to POF asking if thier upper will fit on a Fulton/DPMS lower and their response was a quick "no" reply without any elaboration. I'm at this point because I already have the lower...

08-29-2009, 6:03 PM
The holes for the pins in the POF are indeed smaller, front and rear. There's a couple of ways to ovecome it if you want to. A stepped pin with bushing on one side of lower likely easiest if you really want to do it.

ETA: not something I'd choose to do. IIRC there isn't enough meat around the holes on the POF upper to open the holes either.

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08-29-2009, 7:12 PM
Thanks for the info Mike. I guess I'll hold off on that. It doesn't sound too reliable. Besides, I may go Armalite instead then.