View Full Version : Non-CGF Sponsored Open Carry rally in Escondido, CA??

08-27-2009, 6:10 AM
Looks like there is an Open Carry Rally to promote and advocate Open Carry in Escondido. I am pretty sure this is non-CGF sponsored.


Gun Owners Encouraged to Bear Arms at Escondido Rallies

ESCONDIDO - A retired Navy petty officer is encouraging fellow gun owners to bring unloaded weapons to weekly rallies in Escondido next month.

Gerald Reaster, 69, said the purpose of the rallies, which will begin Tuesday, is to assert Second Amendment rights and the freedom to carry unloaded firearms openly without a license, as allowed by state law, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.
"I am a disabled vet, a member of the American Legion, a good patriot," Reaster said. "The older I am, the more I see the need for self-defense."

Similar "open-carry" events have been staged around the country over the past several years.

Reaster said he has not decided on locations for the rallies, but that he will notify Escondido police five minutes prior to each rally.

Escondido police told the newspaper they will not try to stop Reaster's rallies but they will check every participant's firearms to be sure they are not loaded.

Members of the Latino advocacy organization El Grupo are concerned the rallies will take on a violent anti-immigration message, according to the Union-Tribune. But Reaster told the newspaper his rallies have nothing to do with that issue.

The San Diego Minutemen, a group based on the anti-illegal immigration movement, has previously staged "open-carry" events around the North County. But founder Jeff Schwilk said his group will not be participating in Reaster's rallies.

08-27-2009, 6:20 AM
Im pretty sure that CGF does not sponsor, support or condone ANY open carry events. In fact, I believe they are actively discouraging people from participating from UOC to avoid more bad laws being put on the books the way that LOC by the Black Panthers resulted in some of the laws we have now. There are some members who coordinate and participate in UOC events and will continue to do so against the advice of people in the know, they will continue to excercise whats left of their rights, excercise them all they way into the ground.