View Full Version : Owning a Paratrooper Detachable Mag SKS in Cali

08-26-2009, 5:50 PM
I need a rule clarification. I love the SKS paratrooper with the detachable AK mag conversion. Is it possible to have here in Cali? What would need to be changed out to make it 922 but without changing the beautiful furniture that is on it? Below is a pic of what im talking about. Not my pic.


08-26-2009, 5:51 PM
Sadly an SKS with a detachable magazine is an assualt weapon in CA regaurdless of its configuration.

Armalite: AR-180
Beretta: AR-70
Bushmaster Assault Rifle
Calico: M-900
Colt: AR-15 (all)
Daewoo: AR 100, AR110 C
Daewoo: K-1, K-2, Max 1, Max 2
Fabrique Nationale: 308 Match, Sporter
Fabrique Nationale: FAL, LAR, FNC
HK: 91, 93, 94, PSG-1
IMI: Galil, Uzi
J&R ENG: M-68
Made in China: 56, 56S, 84S, 86S, AKS
Made in China: AK, AK47, AK47S, AKM
Made in Spain: CETME Sporter
MAS: 223
Norinco: 56, 56 S, 84S, 86S
Poly technologies: AK47, AKS
RPB Industries, Inc.: sM10, sM11
SIG: AMT, PE-57, SG 550, SG 551
SKS w/ detachable magazine
Springfield Armory: BM59, SAR-48
Sterling: MK-6
Steyr: AUG
SWD Incorporated: M11
Valmet: M62S, M71S, M78S
Weaver Arms: Nighthawk

08-26-2009, 5:57 PM
That kills that idea

God Bless The Mauser
08-26-2009, 6:55 PM
You could get a fixed mag for it.

08-26-2009, 10:17 PM
That defeats the purpose though

08-26-2009, 11:19 PM
You could get a fixed mag for it.

The Chinese SKS (Norinco SKS-D, SKS-M, SKS Sporter) that take detachable AK magazines are considered make/model banned.

So, the fixed magazine won't help.