View Full Version : YouTube Extends Revenue Sharing Program To Anyone With A Viral Video

08-26-2009, 2:47 AM

Over a year and a half ago, YouTube launched a new Partner Program that allowed some of its most prolific and popular content owners to make some money from the content they contributed, inviting them to get a revenue share of ads placed against their videos. This was all well and good for YouTubeís cream of the crop, but letís be honest ó most of us donít contribute all that regularly, and the vast majority of our videos donít become popular, which means we couldnít get into the program. Whatís worse, even when one of your videos suddenly did go viral, if you werenít already in the program there wasnít anything you could do to reap the benefits. Today, that changes: YouTube is launching a new addition to its Partnership Program that will give anyone the chance to make some money when lightning strikes, even if itís the first video theyíve ever uploaded.

08-26-2009, 2:49 AM
YouTube is - still - losing money. One day this may finally shift. In any event Hulu and YouTube are finally offering a quality and content rich alternative to regular television. About time.