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08-24-2009, 9:20 PM
I have some pre-ban Colt 40 round clips I have had for at least 15 years now.The rifle I had them for was sold long ago.Believe me...I wish I would have known better.I now have a unreal 6.8SPC that i'd love to put the blue followers out of my 10 rounders into the 40's and mount the monsterman grip,muzzle brake and go shooting.I just am worried there might be a obscure law that I have not found about converting the "unmarked" metal 40 rounders to a newer caliber or even using them in my multi-cal marked lower.Any thoughts from the calgun crew would be greatly appreciated

08-24-2009, 9:38 PM
The 6.8SPC marking on the receiver is irrelevant.

If your installed upper isa 223/5.56 you can use your pre-2000 hicap mags in a featureless build (i.e, no flash hider, no telestock, no forward grip, and a MonsterMan grip or U15 stock or featureless/grip free).

For a 6.8SPC rifle (that is, a featureless one with a 6.8SPC upper installed) it appears:
(some may know better, but as I understand it...)
- A 223/5.56 mag likely won't feed 6.8SPC properly for more than a few rounds;
- A 6.8SPC mag (mostly due to lips, it'd seem) does not work reliably for 223/5.56;

You should not modify magazines or change caliber of magazines unless you retain full function of the original magazine for the firearm & caliber for which it was designed. Things like cutting a notch to allow, say, 9mm Uzi hicap mags to work in 9mm AR15s are fine.

So enjoy your 223 mags.

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To sum up what bwiese said:

Mags, mag, mag, magazines, magazine, mags. Not clips. :thumbsup: