View Full Version : Need one more for Shooting class~ Inexpensive

08-23-2009, 5:35 PM
Hey guys,

Currently there is a shooting class in -----. It is a advance firearms class that meets every thur. from 3pm to 7pm. All bullets are included! That class is cheap, it's I forgot how much you pay per unit but it costs about 185 for the whole class. Every meet, you shoot about 60-90 bullets. You'll gain lots of experiance and you'll get your shooting fix every week! The problem is if I don't find another student to sign up by tonight (might be able to push to tommorow) then they will cancel the entire class. I hope there is a gun enthusiest out there that wants to join and help save the class. The city is Whitter and the classes last from aug 27- december something.

If anyone is interested, pm me with your name and number and I'll walk you through registration and then I'll call the professor directly to get everything going. Hope to hear from someone soon.


Update: We got to keep the class, thank you fast finger for your help~ See you at the police academy.

08-26-2009, 9:50 AM
Jebus! I wish they offered that down here in San Diego. The police pistol class at Miramar, you have to buy ammo, and it ends up being a LOT more than $185 for the semester.