View Full Version : Jimenez Revisitied

04-05-2005, 5:03 PM
I was just poking around on DOJ website today and thought of this Jimenez case.
Couldn't reply to the actual post since it's been archived. (What's with that? Upgrade archive everything or something?)

Anyways, it was decertified because the lawyer resubmitted it for testing. The law here clearly states that is not legal
ยง 968.43 - Which Handguns Must be Tested, Who May Submit Handguns,
(c) Other than the DOJ, only the manufacturer/importer of a handgun model
is authorized to submit
that handgun model to a DOJ-Certified Laboratory for testing.

Now, Jimenez wasn't going to sell that here; but you also can't make it in CA unless it passes.
This also shows that an interested group just can't get any pistol they want approved by submitting and paying.

So, I think Jimenez (and Jennings et al) have a case for appeal on this. Unless, DOJ decides to turn around and say they submitted.
I'm not a big Jimenez fan, but there is no such thing as an inexpensive gun in CA.