View Full Version : How do you ship a handgun you have sold to a FFL?

08-23-2009, 7:33 AM
I have purchased guns from FFLs's, completed private party transfers through FFL's and had guns sent to FFL's, but have never sold a gun and sent it to an FFL.

If I sell a handgun to a person who does not live near me, what is the correct way to complete the sale?

Do I take it to a local FFL and have them send it to an FFL near the person I sold the handgun to?

Can I send the handgun directly to an FFL near the person I sold the handgun to?

What fees are associated with this in addition to shipping fees?

08-23-2009, 8:05 AM
There are multiple ways to complete the sale. The "correct' way is to legally ship the firearm as well as following the shipper's rules (which often FFL do not even follow). I assume you know how to deal with the money issue since you have purchased firearms before, but have just not shipped firearms.

You can ship it through a FFL, which for a handgun can be cheaper than shipping it yourself due to the fact that a FFL can ship it USPS and individuals can not since FedEx and UPS require you to use expensive services.

You can ship it yourself, but you need to know the shipping requirements (see below for some of them). You need to tell the shipper that it is a firearm and there can be no marking on the box that it is a firearm and you need to request an adult signature. You need to take it to an actual location for UPS or FedEx (the UPS store does not count).

If you ship it yourself, you need to make sure that the FFL is really a FFL:


You also need to make sure that the FFL will accept a firearm from a non-FFL and most likely provide a copy of your Drivers License.

The only fees are what a FFL would charge to ship it. The buyer will have additional fees. If the sale is to a person in CA, you should include a letter stating that it is a private sale, an occasional sale and that you do not have a business so that CA Sales Tax does not have to be collected (something that many FFL don't know about).

FedEx shipping:


B If your shipment contains firearms, select the Direct Signature Required or Adult Signature Required Delivery Signature Option, depending on the requirements of your shipment. See the Delivery Signature Options section for details. Firearms shipments are not eligible for signature release or indirect delivery.
C Firearms must be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight service. FedEx Express cannot ship or deliver firearms C.O.D. Firearms shipments cannot be placed in a FedEx Express Drop Box.

UPS shipping:


Handguns, as defined by 18 U.S.C. § 921,will be accepted for transportation only via UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M.®, UPS Next Day Air®, or UPS Next Day Air Saver® services. (Note: UPS Express CriticalSM Service is not available for firearms).

08-23-2009, 8:53 AM
The only reason why the FFL would ask you such questions as the seller is that for a PPT, if the buyer is not allowed to have the firearm, then it would go back to the seller, but if the seller is not allowed, then the firearm has to be turned over to the police. When you ship the firearm those restrictions do not apply. You would not be able to get the firearm transferred back to you, but the FFL would be able to sell or ship the firearm for you.

If you are selling the firearm in CA, then the DROS to the new owner would change the records. You can also fill out the form:


This would ensure that the records are updated. If you are paranoid, you won't know for sure that the new buyer will actually DROS the firearm.

You should also keep records of who you sold the firearm to and shipping records. If a FFL ships the firearm, you should get the tracking number/delivery confirmation number.

08-23-2009, 8:37 PM
You are welcome.