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08-18-2009, 3:27 PM
Hey for what it’s worth, I spent some time and about $600.00 at Riflegear today in OC and I have to say it was the most pleasant experience I have had in a gun store in a LONG TIME..

Great customer service, knowledgeable staff, friendly, polite and best of all they had everything I needed to upgrade my AR in stock and at a GREAT PRICE..

I even picked up a CalGun lower (the BEAR one) too.. #0269

There are just off the 405 @ Harbor in OC area, if you want personnel attention without any sales pressure and your looking to get some parts for your little black gun you really should give them a try..

Anyway thanks for your time and have a great week everybody!.


08-18-2009, 4:48 PM
Thanks for stopping by, thanks for the money, and thanks for the kind words! :)

08-18-2009, 4:50 PM
Always good to hear about good customer service!

Sick Boy
08-19-2009, 1:12 PM
Yup, excellent guys/gals!!

I only did an online order as I'm in NorCal, but these guys are great!

Bought a bunch of parts for my new AR build. They had some stuff other people didn't and I'd much rather buy from CA shop than out of state. Thanks so much guys, you rock!!

08-19-2009, 4:27 PM
oh yeah, they are awesome ! I work close by so I get to stop by often to bug them :)

It's nice to see a friendly staff and customer oriented folks in a gun store

08-19-2009, 4:49 PM
I'm going to have to stop by next time I'm up in OC... just placed an online order Sunday evening, and had it in my hands on Tuesday morning. Can't beat that!