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08-24-2005, 3:46 PM
This was just sent to me from a friend.

Don't know if you're aware of this meeting. It's 6:30 PM on Thursday,
August 25th in the Terra Vista Room of the Pan Pacific Hotel at 500
Post Street, corner of Mason, in downtown San Francisco. You might want
to post the info at your range since a lot of Jackson's customers are
San Franciscans. Even if they're not, if this law passes in SF, the anti
self-defense forces will try and export it to other cities, eh?

For those of you that haven't been following the news, go to:


This webpage will inform you about the law that'll be on the Nov 2005
ballot in San Francisco. More wasted taxpayers' dollars!!

Pls forward this info to your concerned friends.

Forwarded email from Peter Buxton about SF Gun Ban law meeting follows


John Hong

>>> Peter Buxtun WROTE 8/23/2005 7:33 PM >>>

FLASH - Today I learned that a major pro-gun activist will attend
our meeting and will speak about our fight against the San Francisco
Pistol Ban Scheme. We would like you to bring your reliable Pro-gun
friends to hear him as he is rarely able to visit San Francisco.

Because of this, I am sending a duplicate of the notice that went
out last week.

See you there,



Your presence is requested at the next meeting of the Coalition
Against Prohibition, to join the fight against Proposition H, the
attempt to outlaw handguns in San Francisco. This meeting will be
larger than the last (organizational) one, and will include well-known
pro-gun friends from around the Bay Area.

The sponsors of this crackpot scheme hope to start a movement
among the Democrats who hold power in California. If it wins in San
Francisco they will call for other cities to pass similar junk. Yes, we
will file a lawsuit, and a year later, they should be laughed out of
court. But, they will try to use the publicity to push other Gunhate
Bills through our legislature. We really plan to beat this thing in the

We need your help. Please:

Come to the meeting.

Bring along your spouse, late-teen kids, and your pro-gun friends.

If you know pro-gun people in law-enforcement, medicine, law, or
related fields - we would like to meet them. If you know women and
minorities who shoot or hunt - we extend a special invitation to them.

We have invited a number of important San Francisco speakers to
give you the inside story of what has been going on. You may be
surprised who is supporting us.

The Coalition Against Prohibition will meet at 6:30 PM on
Thursday, August 25th in the Terra Vista Room of the Pan Pacific Hotel
at 500 Post Street, corner of Mason, in downtown San Francisco. There
will be NO entry fee.

Free street parking is possible if one comes early. At exactly
5:40 PM you can grab a spot in the tow-away zone on Sutter, Post and
other streets near our hotel. You must sit in your car for at least 5
minutes while all the other spaces are quickly taken. When there are
cars in front of and behind you, you can lock up (look one last time
for tow trucks) and then come to the hotel. The tow away ends at 6:00.
I will open the room at 6:00, and most people will come around 6:30.

Come on BART or MUNI, find a vacant space or park at the garage
the corner of Sutter and Stockton streets. Post is one block away -
walk to 500 Post Street.

Keep your guns!

See you there,

Peter Buxtun