View Full Version : who's going to the Big Show in Reno this weekend (Aug 14-16)?

08-12-2009, 5:45 PM
Any Calgunners heading up? I'm probably going up Friday morning early, hit the show Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.


08-12-2009, 8:21 PM
i'll be there. have not decided when though.

08-12-2009, 9:13 PM
I will be there fri am.
Can not do sat/sun.
Look me up, very short grey hair and beard.

I will be druling as I go in :-0


08-12-2009, 9:22 PM
Missed the last one so definitely going this time .. Will go thu after lunch to spend the night in Reno and hit the show fri am .. Hopefully my C&R will still work there :confused:

08-13-2009, 7:36 AM
I'm tempted to go since I just moved down from there and found out I can bring a couple more things....better get there early tomorrow morning.

08-13-2009, 9:47 AM
FWIW - just booked my room in the Golden Nuggett (Bill and others have recommended this in the past). I'll be there Friday from noon on, and then Saturday morning until lunchtime-ish.

I'll likely be the guy drooling on the C&R S&W 38-44 Heavy Duties at a couple different tables...


08-13-2009, 3:56 PM
I have a booth there. Stop by and say hi.

08-13-2009, 8:06 PM
where will your booth be?

08-14-2009, 7:58 AM
I am here next to the ticket booth.

08-14-2009, 6:13 PM
update: the show is *way* slower than it was in april; there are a couple of c&r smiths that i need to do some research on tonight (will likely buy one..). interestingly the best deals were at the gun library in cabela's!!!! saw a colt delta 10mm and a s&w mod 41, both for $799. shame they're just out of reach... there are lots of uppers here...lmt and bushmaster, plus the usu oly arms, dpms, doublestar. cheers, --neill

08-14-2009, 6:53 PM
probably still overpriced like it was last YEAR around this time. I dont even bother going to them. Wait until Sunday to buy anything since they will be packing it up. Easier to sell it than pack it to the next show.

08-14-2009, 6:59 PM
I was tempted to drive up there after work today and see some family. If only someone hadn't left or was already heading up there from the south bay.

Pvt. Cowboy
08-14-2009, 7:33 PM
Couple of dealers I know say sales are flat. Panic is over, AR parts are stocked up high, and nothing is moving.

I scanned the show, not much in the way of golden finds:

1. Hk 93 for $2300 with six mags in wrap reduced from $2800. NRA VG condition, but I didn't see the bore. Dealer closest to Miwall in the second room at the end of the row. Rifle is tucked away in display case.

2. Hk 43 with a 1974 date code on it (http://www.sturmgewehr.com/bhinton/Heckler_Koch/HK43_C.jpg). Ever seen one of these? Guy wanted $5k. Hider was pinned like a SAR-8, for those wondering.

3. Genuine Golden West Imports (Santa Fe Springs, CA) Hk G3 with push pin lower. Same guy as above asking $7k.

4. Newish AUG-P 16" barrel for $1100. I wouldn't pay it.

5. Small pile of 14" HK/Benelli NFA-SBS barrels, pulled from a junk pile it appeared. $175 for 'Police Sales Only!!!'. First room near Miwall and the WWII parts seller.

6. Lots of RRA 2-Stage Match triggers with all lower parts and A2 grip for $150.

7. Lots of Timneys in three flavors starting at $209. Get them at SOG Armory.

8. Nice Sig PE-57 as new. $6500. Dealer near One-Eyed Jack's.

9. Saw a few Sig550 parts kits, as new. $2000.

EDIT: For anyone coming to nab the Hk 43 or the G3, be aware that there is a 'California Legal Rifles' dealer set up in the first room near Miwall that might do a compliance setup and transfer into CA for you if you can scramble up an Hk Bullet Button. They've got a table full of bullet button and featureless builds right along the back far wall. They seem to have a brazenly painted truck out in the GSR parking lot with a huge M4 graphic on the back window that reads 'CALIFORNIA LEGAL AR-15s' in huge letters on the back window. Those are some real Thomas Paine types. Makes me weep a little with pride.

08-14-2009, 8:34 PM
Neill & crew...

Liz & I are here at Silver Legacy as of 9pm Fri. Staying till Sun early afternoon before going back home w/ outlet shopping on the way.

We are gonna eat at Sterlings @ Silver Legacy around 9:45-10pm tonite.

Tomorrow nite we are likely to hit Ichiban (a la Benihana; in some ways it exceeds the original) at Harrah's

Will be at show around 11 and walking my legs off while Liz shops for antiques and/or enjoys the pool.

Are you staying at the Golden Nugget or the Nugget?

The Nugget is a nice huge hotel/casino/multirestaurant. That's the one I spoke for... The Golden Nugget is, um, a place I don't know.

PMing you with my cell#.

08-14-2009, 9:12 PM
Are you staying at the Golden Nugget or the Nugget?

The Nugget is a nice huge hotel/casino/multirestaurant. That's the one I spoke for... The Golden Nugget is, um, a place I don't know..

That was just my coffee speaking (helpfully filling in useful adjectives, I guess). I am indeed at the Nugget. The golden nugget..well, sombody else will have to come up with a funny double-entendre for that --- I'm still poring over my SCSW #3 to determine the useful value of a 5" S&W M27 nodash :43::43::43: not that I saw one, or two today...at the show.....<neill gesticulates wildly> HEY LOOK -- BLACK RIFLES!!! OVER THERE!!


08-14-2009, 11:43 PM
Check out Mark at US Firearms based in Reno. Should have some better prices than others there and he's an ex californian.