View Full Version : Range Report - Kahr Arms CW9

08-10-2009, 2:01 PM
I purchased my CW9 in April and my back has finally been relatively pain-free so I decided to take her out.

I am VERY impressed with this firearm. Due to it's small size I figured there would be a fair amount of recoil - this was not the case. I only put 100 rounds through it but by the time I was on my last 3 magazines (7 rounds), 19 were in the center mass ring on your standard BG target at 21 feet and 2 were just outside it.

I purchased it for concealed carry (took 4 months to get my Florida permit) with the intention of carrying when I was visiting my sister, her husband and my adorable niece and nephew in Las Vegas.

On a side note, effective 7/1/2009 the state of Nevada no longer recognizes Florida and Utah CCWs. :mad:

Overall, I give this 9 out of 10 points. It'd get 10 if the magazine capacity was higher, but due to the fact that it is 0.97" at it's widest point, double stack mags are not possible.

If you have large hands, this may not be the gun for you, but otherwise I highly recommend it.

08-10-2009, 3:55 PM
I've got a 40 on order, looking forward to getting it soon. Hopefully before the cross country drive so I can have it with me.

08-10-2009, 9:52 PM
LOVE my K40 Elite '03. If you search, you may find my (old and uneducated, but well written) range review and my "I've been carrying this for a while, this is what I think of it" review. :D