View Full Version : San Jose 10th St. range "Second Saturday" event

08-06-2009, 11:06 PM
We'll be doing the (it hasn't quite had time become 'traditional' yet, but we're working on that) "Second Saturday" range 'outreach' or 'range open house' at the San Jose 10th St. range, on this coming Saturday. 8Aug..

This coming Saturday will be a bit 'special'. The Juniors programme will be holding their awards ceremony and barbecue lunch in the morning, probably starting at 0900-ish (alright, they must be 'morning people', what can I say?)

This will segue into our regular Second Saturday barbecue/potluck/plinking event in the afternoon (1500-ish, maybe?) which will continue until sometime late in the evening when we've eaten all the food and fired all the rounds....or its getting towards midnight, whatever.

Remember, this event is for everybody.........women, newbies, 2nd Amendment people generally, etc.

We'll have a number of 22 rifles on hand for new shooters, and experienced instructors/coaches for them, and training, by experienced people, available for women or others who would like to fire handguns.

At some point, when the folks who don't like the noise are outside at the picnic table, we'll be firing 12ga shotguns at improvised cardboard cartooned 'zombie', outer space monster', or similar targets........If Alice, the cartoonist, has the spare time to make up some nice ones , I'd much appreciate........otherwise you get a sheet of cardboard, a felt marker, and improvise your monster target. (unfortunately, 'human' targets are a political no-no....so we can't have Bin-Laden, Taliban, etc., cartoons)

Please, if you are able, bring a pizza, pot-luck dish, hamburgers for the barbecue, soft drinks, or whatever you think people might like........

We're providing the range facility, free to all, plenty of targets, regular bullseye or 'shooting gallery' types.....and 22 rifles.......past that, and within the obviously necessary range safety issues, the event will be whatever the attendees will care to make of it......so bring some 'good stuff' to share.

(note......the regular Saturday 'public hours' range time is 'cancelled' as such......you are still welcome to come and shoot, but, the regular range use fees don't apply this Saturday.....its free to all)

And.......if you are able to donate some 22 rounds please, please, bring some......the newbies burn a lot of 22 in familiarisation fire, and........well, truth is, most everyone else will, also.......hitting a tennis or golf ball, swinging on a line, at 50 feet range, is surprisingly challenging at first......not that its difficult, you understand, but it does take a bit of practice.



(and, if you have any silhouette or 'shooting gallery' type targets you can let us use, please, please bring them.......yes, we can/will provide serious 22 target rifles and traditional targets for those who might prefer to do some serious marksmanship practice, but this is largely meant to be a 'fun shoot' with a little bit of the old 'county fair shooting gallery' ambience)