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08-25-2005, 9:45 AM
I am trying to plan a camping trip in the desert for my family and would like to find a location that allows shooting. I live in Orange county so the location would have to be in southern California. This event would be a two day/one night deal.

Does anyone have anysuggestions? Directions/information/ recent personal experiences.

Thanks guys.

08-25-2005, 1:19 PM
How about Truckhaven? It's about 34 miles south of Indio. You WILL NEED 4wd to get around there.
It's just north of Anza Borrego State Park (no guns allowed in state parks), but Truckhaven is BLM land. Mostly offroaders go there, but you can find spots where you can shoot and not have someone around you, with a good back stop.
Do a google search on Truckhaven.

08-25-2005, 4:50 PM
I will be having friends coming with a non 4W SUV and Truck. Are there any recommendations with moderate road conditions. I appreciate the information thank you.

08-25-2005, 7:23 PM
Wish I cold help you more, but the only place I have ever camped and went shooting was at Truckhaven, and you need 4wd.
Here is a link to someone wanting to shoot rabbits and Ramon showed some pictures of some BLM land "jawbone Canyon" and looks like this might be a better place for you. You could PM him or email him and ask where it is, in relation to you. Ramon is from the LA area, He's the Admin.

Wish I could be of more help, but I'm from the central valley, and don't get down south that much. Sorry

08-26-2005, 7:30 AM
closest places for you will be in Riverside County. Riverside County has an ordinance regulating shooting. look it up and read it.

go to a local BLM office and get the land use maps. you may shoot on most BLM land.

Mecca Hills by Indio will be closest to you and the BLM directs shooters there. I personally head farther east. if you have a GPS, PM me.