View Full Version : SB 357to be heard June 28

06-17-2005, 1:41 PM
SB 357 the incredibly ill conceived handgun ammunition serialization bill is to be heard before the Assembly Public Safety Committee on June 28. Let's keep the pressure on. I've already sent letters to all committee members:
Mark Leno (D)-Chair
Jay LaSuer (R)-Vice Chair
Jackie Goldberg (D)
Rebecca Cohn (D)
Mervyn Dymally (D)
Todd Spitzer (R)

Leno, Goldberg, and Cohn are very likely to support the measure, but we should still write opposition letter to them. LaSuer and Spitzer are very likely to oppose the measure. The only one I'm not entirely sure about is Dymally. Based on some communications I had with his office last year I think he leans towards gun control, but isn't as rabidly anti-gun as some others.

Now is the time to keep the pressure on. Especially if you live in any of the committee member's district write letters, make phone calls, send emails etc. I think short, to the point written letters are the most effective.