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08-28-2005, 1:42 PM
The short storey. Uncle & I went out hunting in A-zone. We where hunting Payne Ranch. We where woke up about 1:30am from some other hunters telling us we had gas dripping from the reserve tank on truck. It was parked on a hill & that we had to do is get it on even ground.

So after that it was about 0300. No need to go to sleep. So we head of with about 8 fig bars each, both of us had 2-liter water bladders in our packs, 4x 16oz bottles each, and I had some Gator Aid powder.

We walk about a 1 1/2 miles from camp and start our hunt. I post under a tree and he walks 1/2 south of me. We meet back up around 1100. He tells me there deer prints & dropings heading more south of him and the map was saying its a small pond that way.I took in two of my bottle waters & he about the same.We thought we'll be good with that much water. Camp was the other way and we didn't need food. (WRONGE) So we head off that way about 4 1/2 miles rolling hills.

After that hike all I had left was one bottle of water. I started to cramp up so I took a break under a tree. He keep going about 1/2 mile & turn back. By the time he came back I was layind down feeling like I going to throw-up. He came back because he started to cramp.

We think it over and head bake to camp over 4 miles away, with 32oz of water between. It was about 2pm and was thinking if we wait for sunfall all the water will be gone & we will cramp up more. As we walk back we take a rest in the shade as we pass some, but every time we stop I cramp up more. We take little sips of water at a time the way back. It took over three hours for us to cover the 5 miles back to camp.

When we get back to camp I was so pale and every muscle in my legs locked up. We prayed hard the way back and thank GOD so much when we did.

Next time when you go out make sure you have a good night sleep, lotsa water, eat good before and bring food too.

I feel truly bless we made it. There was times I had FEAR that we wasn't.

OH YEA. it was about 100 degrees.

http://www.calguns.net/bow.gifThank God! http://www.calguns.net/bow.gif

P.S. sorry that wasn't short& my writeing skills suck.

08-28-2005, 2:49 PM
Glad you made it back. Ya, you gotta be prepaired, especially when the weathers hot.

08-28-2005, 5:08 PM
Glad that you made it back with no permanent injuries! Kinda reminds me of dragging that yak 100 or so yards http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

08-28-2005, 5:39 PM
Originally posted by xsquid: Kinda reminds me of dragging that yak 100 or so yards http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

If I saw a Boone & Crockett deer the only way it would of made it back to camp, ifit had a saddle on it for me to ride. LOL

08-28-2005, 6:11 PM
Wow, why were you cramping up? From the heat?


08-28-2005, 10:53 PM
Glad you made it back ok. I'm a water nazi too. For years, after a long hot day of busting my *** hunting or working, I would get cramps in my legs. I would always just drink water. But about a year ago, I started using the powdered gatoraid, and now I always feel much better at the end of the day. The stuff really works.


08-29-2005, 6:35 AM
Originally posted by Turbinator:
Wow, why were you cramping up? From the heat?

Lack of water. No fluid in muscles.

08-29-2005, 6:59 AM
Dang Abdul that must of really sucked.
It hurts doesn't it?
I suffered through some serious heat exsuahstion in Yukka Valley when I was 14.
We broke down in the middle of nowhere with no shade and it was hot.
Our liquids consisted of hot beer.
When my cramps and puking started I could barely move.Walking was not even an option.
Never again will I allow this to happen to me.
You know there are people out there that actually don't realize how serious this can be.

08-29-2005, 5:41 PM
So no chili? http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

Glad you made it back safe. http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

08-29-2005, 7:16 PM
Glad you made it. If you ever have water and need it, just drink it. Don't try and conserve it because it'll be too late.

I'm guilty of the same thing until I learned otherwise. Water doesn't do as good after you need it.

08-29-2005, 10:14 PM
A good lesson for us all Dully! I was stuck out all nite once it got dark while I was heading back to camp. I had a sleepless night listening to the critters rusling all around me. When it got light enough to see I was a 1/4 mile from camp. http://www.calguns.net/banghead.gif
I did a lot of praying as well.
Glad you made it out with nothing more than a lesson.