View Full Version : PA-63 Owners question - rattling?

07-31-2009, 3:07 PM
I have a PA-63 that I have owned for some time.. just a tosser pistol. I have barely ever shot it or handled it.
I was handling it the other day and notices a rattling sound coming from it (I dont believe I have ever noticed it before.. though I am not sure).
The culprit is a half moon shaped piece in the picture below (sorry, camera-phone close-up).
Is this normal?

07-31-2009, 5:08 PM
I'll answer you here as well. Your pics did not post here either. By the way the pa-63 can be a nice pistol.

07-31-2009, 7:35 PM
Can anyone see the pic? It looks like its here to me.

08-01-2009, 6:32 AM
No pic visible to me.

08-01-2009, 7:29 AM
Still no pictures.

08-01-2009, 7:56 PM
By the way the pa-63 can be a nice pistol.

I can shoot tighter groups with this gun than some people can with high priced autos. I got a little rattle in mine also, no problemo.