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07-24-2005, 9:18 PM
Hi guys,

I hope this is the right forum to post this question.

I'm a newbie and have a question regarding the legality of importing a revolver from out of state.

I'm interested in a S&W 681 revolver. I think it's an older gun that's not produced anymore and it is not currently on the DOJ list. Would it be legal for me to buy this gun from out of state? Does the DOJ list only apply to currently produced guns?

Also, if a version of a gun is on the list (ie S&W 629-6 w/ 3" barrel or 627-5 w/ 5" barrel), would it be legal to import an older version of the gun or a gun with different barrel length than on the list (ie S&W 629-5 w/ 3" barrel or 627-5 w/ 2 5/8" barrel)?


07-24-2005, 10:53 PM
If it is not on the "list" you cannot get it from out of state. You can get it from someone who already has it IN California in a private party transfer which is exempt from the list.

07-25-2005, 3:42 AM
Here are your choices:

Buy a it from soemone in CA who already owns it.
Buy a gun on the approved list- PRECISELY listed on the list.
Buy a handgun over 50 years old- C&R's are acceptable anytime.
Have a Policeman/Sheriff/LEO buy it for you out of state and transfer it to you later (good luck).
Have a friend who is moving to this state from another one buy it for you and transfer it to you when he becomes a resident.

That about sums it up. SB15 really stuffed it tot eh handgun collectors of <50 year old pistols.
now I can legally buy the H&K VP70 I always wanted (and have the mags for) when I'm like 55-60 :P