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07-28-2009, 3:37 PM

I am working on getting the "T"s up and running for the Women of Guns... This is just as much a womens sport as a mans and I want to make sure I have shirts that are appealing to you all :)

Which shirts would work better for what I am trying to do.

As you can see (1) is more form fitting and tighter where as (2) is more of a regular TShirt and incorprates women cut sleeves.

I appreciate your input!

Thank You!







07-29-2009, 8:17 AM
Althought I have t-shirts of both styles, I wear the #2 style more often. I'd buy both though.

07-29-2009, 11:35 AM
Yeah, thats what I was thinking... Maybe stock more of #2 though since people come in so many shapes and sizes. #1 is very form fitting and a larger size person would not purchase that style as often.

As your screen name suggests you are obviously in great shape :) and you saying you would wear #2 more really helps me out with this question.

Thank you ver much for your input!


07-29-2009, 1:32 PM
I prefer the v-neck in either style. I like the close fit of #1 but I like both fits. For me it is the cut of the neck. Thank you for asking for our input.

07-29-2009, 1:58 PM
Ill see if #2 is available in a V-neck as well :) Thank you for that suggestion!

hehe, I would never presume to know what a woman would like so it is always best to ask. I have learned that the hard way, just ask my wife ;)

I was also thinking about this (or something like it) as well for a woman's only "T"... Cant use betty boop due to Copyright but I kinda liked the mock-up.


Thank you again,

07-29-2009, 9:43 PM
I like the fit on the first one better=) And nice mockup=) Tell us when it's out!

07-30-2009, 10:32 AM
I like the fit on the first one better=) And nice mockup=) Tell us when it's out!


And WELCOME to CalGuns! :D

07-30-2009, 11:22 AM
I like them both.
I would most likely buy one of each!

07-30-2009, 11:43 AM
I like them both.
I would most likely buy one of each!

Thank you :)

I hope to have the womens section up and running this weekend at sometime.

What color shirts would be the most marketable? (lol) I like pink because there is something about a "evil black rifle" on a pink shirt that "put's a shiver up my leg" (bad pun on Chris Matthews :p )

Thank you for your interest ladies :) They will be available soon!


07-30-2009, 11:23 PM
If THIS helps you…
My wife hates pink and anything that looks too girly and prefers to wear a standard T (I guess that = mens T?). She will wear a women’s tank-top as long as it looks cool, like in an olive drab or gray or even just plain white maybe with some kind of patriotic symbol like the good 'ole Stars & Stripes.


if she had to pick one of the current styles... she would probably take #2

07-31-2009, 12:44 AM
I know I would like neutral colors - white, olive green, brown. I like pink but I've had a few pink shirts that just don't work with my skin color and hair (I'm a bit on the red/auburn side) and I find myself wearing other colors in the olive green/browns shades more.

Thanks again...

07-31-2009, 7:05 AM
#1 for sure

07-31-2009, 7:55 AM
I'm certainly not a fan of pink either. I don't own any pink clothing or accessories. :) I like the neutral colors.... or blue.

07-31-2009, 10:09 AM

Thanks for that info! LOL... I was being to "frilly" (is that a word?) I guess with the hole 'pink' thing... (lol) sorry for the stereotype ladies :)

I will get some pictures of some womens shirts and post them up for your preview today with color swatches. I like to stick to two colors to start with because stocking more than two colors gets expensive and I am trying to keep the costs down for you all. white might be a tad to 'sheer' as you can see in pic one you can see my daughters bra thru the pink and white would be a bit more sheer than that

#1 is a bit more expensive than #2 since it is loomspun cotton and has a very soft hand but not more than like $2.00 more or so.

I will try to get over to my printer and get some pics of the shirt colors ASAP and get em posted up for your review.

Thank you all for your input! :D


07-31-2009, 12:33 PM
Ok....Check this link please :)


This shirt has a nice V neck (not too low) and comes in a decent collection of colors.

It takes a minute to load the shirt selection so give it a couple of seconds :)

If it doesn't load for you just click on this picture on the page.

http://www.bella.com/images/items/ladies-shortsleeve/auto/model1_i37.jpg (http://www.bella.com/depts.php?deptid=2&itemid=&itemid=37)

Let me know if this is a keeper :)


08-09-2009, 7:02 PM
I like the first style and that black one and I like pink sometimes but I usually like more neutral colors like brown gray black white or whatever just because I don't like colors that pop out at you all crazy i think it looks too little kiddish sometimes

colors can be cool though as long as they are toned down you know? not all bright

08-10-2009, 4:51 PM
Ok... Sorry for the delay on these...

I had the JokerBama Craze to contend with!

I am going to start the womens line with Black and Pink I think and see how they do. I think the black should do ok :)

I only have a couple of designs so far available on black though and all designs would be available on pink.

The "specialized" Women only "T's" (aka-the Betty Boop designs) are still a bit out. Gonna need to hire someone soon I think, I am running ragged! :)


08-16-2009, 5:50 AM
Do you have an idea of the estimated time of shipping out orders? I purchased three and was just curious. I know you're swamped, so just an approximate date would be helpful. Thanks!

08-16-2009, 1:21 PM
these are terrific

ditto the V Neck ideas/ its waht I like

08-17-2009, 9:56 PM
Do you have an idea of the estimated time of shipping out orders? I purchased three and was just curious. I know you're swamped, so just an approximate date would be helpful. Thanks!

PM me your email address and name and I will check it out for you! :D

I will have the remainder out by the end of this week guaranteed and cought up to 48 hr shipping times /whew :p

I have a new section up and running on the website here: http://www.secondamendmenttaskforce.com/New_Shop/Shop_Shirts/Womens_Shop.html

I have pink and black stock shirts on the way in. I have to start out slow and work into more options / designs but I wanted to get these on there for you all to start.

Which other of the current designs would you like available?

I have these so far.

http://www.secondamendmenttaskforce.com/New_Shop/Shop_Shirts/72_DPI_Shop/Woman_Shirt/Constitution_Pink.jpg (http://www.secondamendmenttaskforce.com/New_Shop/Shop_Shirts/Constitution_Pink_Woman.html)

http://www.secondamendmenttaskforce.com/New_Shop/Shop_Shirts/72_DPI_Shop/Woman_Shirt/Women_Black_Recon.jpg (http://www.secondamendmenttaskforce.com/New_Shop/Shop_Shirts/RECOIL_BLACK_Woman.html)

http://www.secondamendmenttaskforce.com/New_Shop/Shop_Shirts/72_DPI_Shop/Woman_Shirt/Beware_Pink.jpg (http://www.secondamendmenttaskforce.com/New_Shop/Shop_Shirts/BEWARE_PINK_Woman.html)

http://www.secondamendmenttaskforce.com/New_Shop/Shop_Shirts/72_DPI_Shop/Woman_Shirt/Got_Socialism_Women_Black.jpg (http://www.secondamendmenttaskforce.com/New_Shop/Shop_Shirts/Got_Socialism_Black_Woman.html)



Click the pic