View Full Version : Shooting across unofficial roads

Scarecrow Repair
07-27-2009, 3:25 PM
I am curious about the theoretical legalities and practical realities of shooting across unofficial roads. In all cases, I mean roads that are neither designated nor maintained by any government entity.

Case 1 is a private road into private property which is nevertheless used by UPS, meter readers, etc.

Case 2 is an easement across private property to adjoining private property which has no other access to government roads. You squids would call it crossing over except there is no OOD in the form of a locked gate to address and get permission from via salute or key.

Case 3 is a powerline access road. There may well be people who use it on a semi-regular basis for recreational access, but is was built by the power company for the power lines and has never been designated or named or recognized by any government, much less maintained by them. I suppose the Geological Survey may have it on maps, but that isn't official as I see it.

Is it technically illegal to shoot across any of these roads? Are there circumstances other in commission of a real crime where any LEO would arrest anyone for shooting across these roads?

07-27-2009, 4:46 PM
In a lot of places people hunt utility right of ways because they are clear of brush.

M1A Rifleman
07-27-2009, 6:31 PM
Shooting across any road or trail seems like a bad idea and may be unsafe.

This practice within the NF or BLM areas will get you cited. Hunting line r/w with the NF is not a problem as it is not considered a road area. Regardless, the shooter is still responsible for the backstop and to ensure nonshooters don't stray within the area shooting.