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07-26-2009, 1:48 AM
1975 Heckler & Koch "Defense Technology Division" OD green/black/white brochures. Currently selling 10 sets. All 5 listed below(1 set) for $35 Shipped USPS.

1. HK Weapons System, Group I (308, 9mm)
-Covers G3(G3A3, G3A4), HK21(HK21A), HK11, MP5(MP5A2, MP5A3).

2. HK Weapons System, Group II (223)
-Covers HK33(HK33A2, HK33A3), HK33K(HK33KA1), HK53, HK21(HK21A1), HK13.

3. HK Handguns
-Covers VP70Z, VP70 w/ stock, P9S, P9, HK4, P2A1.

4. HK Special Purpose Weapons (40mm, 223, 9mm, 308)
-Covers HK69(HK69A1), HK53 for Ball Mount(HK53KL), MP5SD(MP5SD2, MP5SD3), G3SG/1, G33SG/1.
5. HK Accessories
-Covers 3 slings, Carrying Handle, Light & Heavy Bipod, A3 Stocks, Burst Control Trigger, Teargas Grenade Launcher for Assault Rifles, Grenade Launching Device for Subguns, HK21 Belt Box, Bayonet w/ Mount, Assault Grip for all HK MG's, A1 Cap, Anti-Aircraft Sight, HK21 Belt & Mag Conversions-223 & 308, Daylight Scope & HK Mount, IR Night sighting Device & HK Mount, Passive Night Sight & HK Mount, Aiming Projector & HK Mount for all HK SMG's, 9mm/308 Mag Un/Loader, Cleaning Kit, Sight Tool, 223 & 308 Armourer's Case, Blank Firing Device, Blank Firing Attachment w/ Bullet Trap, G3 PT Ammo Bolt, 22lr Conversion Kit for all HK Assault Rifles & SMG's, Firing Pin Protusion Guage, Muzzle Caps, Extractor Clearance Guage, Bolt Gap Clearance Guage.

1999 "Heckler & Koch Handguns Fabarm Shotguns" 23 page full color glossy promotional catalog/brochure. Covers USP(black & stainless), USPc(black & stainless), USP45 Tactical, Expert, P7M8, Collectables, Apparel, Media, Pistol Cases, Field Cleaning Kits, Fabarm Company Info, Semi-Auto Shotguns, Pump Shotguns, Over Under Shotguns, Youth Model Shotguns, Specialty Shotguns 3 1/2", Side By Side Shotguns, Fabarm Accessories & Collectables. Also contains a graph of the USP variants, HK pistol specs and a sizeable list of the Fabarm shotguns that were available at that time. Currently selling 14 copies. $15ea shipped USPS.

Order both the brochure set and HK/Fabarm catalog the total is $45.00 shipped.
I will gladly do trades for other literature, manuals and other HK items I do not already have.

I can accept Money Order, Paypal +3% and checks. Will ship after check clears. I can be contacted via PM or through e-mail at imtheski@hotmail.com

07-27-2009, 12:40 PM
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