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Sick Boy
07-24-2009, 12:17 AM
Hey everyone, my name is Zack and I'm 26. I currently live in Berkeley. No, I'm not a dirty hippie. lol

I've just started lurking the boards after a friend on another site suggested I look here after getting interested in purchasing an AR.

As for me I grew up in Montana and lived there in or near the mountains until I was 14 and left to live with my mom in 1997. Been camping since I was real young and been hunting since I was 9. Love to go camping and hiking and just being in the out doors. I got out of the Navy in 2006 after 5 years as an Intelligence Specialist and an Imagery Analyst. I lived in Japan for a few years and did 2 cruises to the Persian Gulf and some time in Iraq.

You can find me under the screen name Zoltan on Zombie Squad (http://zombiehunters.org/forum/index.php).

Just really looking forward to talking with everyone with the same interests as me and sharing my experiences with others. Thanks guys and gals.


07-24-2009, 12:23 AM
Welcome, and thanks for your service!

07-29-2009, 4:36 PM
Yes - thanks for your service! How was your Japan living experience? Coworker here lived in Japan for 10 years..


Sick Boy
07-30-2009, 12:03 AM
Thanks guy!

Well, Japan was a blast and a half! Probably more fun that a 19 year old should be allowed to have their first time really out in the world! lol

It was really pretty damned amazing though. I read Shogun I was like 10 or so and when I was offered it as my first duty station, I jumoed all over it. I had an amazing time there and I was very mad when they made the squadron leave to come back to the states because we had to transition from F-14As to F/A-18Fs.

Man, I wish I coulda lived there for 10 years!! I so wanna go back to teach English, but those jobs are extremely hard to get. So I just need to win the lotto so I can buy myself a Roppongi Hills penthouse! hahaha