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Fire in the Hole
07-23-2009, 6:09 PM
Okay guys if any one can provide an answer I'd appreciate it. I'm a full-time college student, and retired LEO. During the last tewo years, I numbed my fingers on the internet, scoured through all the scholarship catalogs at my college, picked my counselor's brain, done my FASFA's, etc. Nothing. Does anybody know of any scholarships offered for retired LEO's pursuing a degree program. I've applied for 20 generic ones, through the college and have been denied.

07-25-2009, 12:42 AM
If your school is listed on this website (http://www.osherfoundation.org/index.php?reentry), consider applying. It's not for retired cops per se but for re-entry adult college students.

And I found one Florida-based non-profit that was awarding disabled and retired cops a scholarship. But the award was only $1,000 per calendar year.

Also beware: There's one particular site that if you click on it (via a Google search on retired policeman scholarship, page 2), it'll be a malicious spyware/bot takeover thingee. I was using Safari and quit the browser as soon as I could. In deleting the ".exe" program that the malicious firmware had rapidly downloaded to my computer, my system noted that some 1200 items had been part of the unwelcomed and unasked for DL process.

07-25-2009, 11:04 AM
masameet, I just checked the link you provided (not the spyware one lol) and found the below. Unless he is an undergraduate student he is out of luck.

Proposals for Osher Reentry Scholarship grants are accepted by invitation only. The Foundation only supports 4-year institutions that serve reentry students for this program. Osher Reentry Scholarships may be awarded to students who
have experienced a cumulative gap in their education of five or more years;
are at the undergraduate level and pursuing their first baccalaureate degree;
anticipate workforce participation for a significant period of time subsequent to graduation and ideally be aged 25-50 years;
demonstrate financial need;
show academic promise and a commitment to obtaining their degree.
This grant in not intended for graduate students or students seeking an additional degree. It is not intended for students who are exclusively enrolled in online courses or for international students who are visiting the United States with the intention of returning to their countries of origin after graduation.

07-25-2009, 11:16 AM
PORAC offers some scholarships...not sure if they are for old retired guys tho!! :D

07-25-2009, 11:19 AM
Well, he did write that he is a full-time college student. Most folks, no matter the age, who say they're full-time students tend to mean they're full-time undergraduates. If he is an undergrad, then he could certainly transfer to a school where the Bernard Osher scholarship is available.

Tell us your field of study, Fire, and maybe we can find something else.

Hang in there. :thumbup

Fire in the Hole
07-26-2009, 3:34 PM
Hi guys, just back from the Reno gun show, and trying to catch up. Whew! Spent too much. Anyways... Yes I'm a full time college student. I already have and AA in Admin of Justice, and an AS in Psychology. My retirement goal was to be a history teacher in either HS or Comm. College. However I have several close friends that are teachers. All of them have told me to abort! Run away before I get sucked in. In June of this year we closed down three elementary schools, and pink slipped 37 teachers in my county. Although my first academic love is American History, as my counselor said, "When's the last time you looked thorugh the yellow pages in need of a historian?" Point taken. I have a whole lot of credits, but need two more mathematics classes to transfer in to the UC system as an undergraduate. I always failed math in elementary, and HS, but have now been getting straight A's in Algebra and Geometry. I will take Triganometry, this Autum, and Statistics in the Spring. I was going to take the Trig. This summer but broke my right arm really badly in June, and had to drop out. Still pretty weak and painful. Anyways, I contacted Porac, they couldn't help me. I will try the site recommended by masameet. Tiffin Univ. also offers a BA in Admin of Justice on-line, and accepts your academy and field experience for credit.

Okay I expect some moans and groans on this next sentence, but here goes: I plan to enroll in Law School in the Autum of 2010.

07-26-2009, 9:10 PM
Okay I expect some moans and groans on this next sentence, but here goes: I plan to enroll in Law School in the Autum of 2010.

Ok, you have to tell us....you are not going to be a defense atty. are you. :eek: You are not going to go over to the Dark Side are you.:eek::p;)

What law school are you intending to go to if I may ask. Have you taken any practice LSATS yet to get an idea how they are.

Prior to hiring on, I went to Southwestern University School of Law in L.A. with the intention of either entering the FBI or becoming a prosecutor. I enjoyed the first year (saw a lot of LAPD in uniform going there also). The second year really was a downer due to some really horrible teachers. I ended up withdrawing, tho I now really regret it.

I don't have the money to go now (it was $50/unit in 1972) , tho I've thought about it over the years. I'd probably have to start from the beginning as I doubt I would get credit for the 1 1/2yrs. I did.

I wish you luck in your endeavor.

07-27-2009, 12:20 AM
I'm not sure of the value of an online education/degree from a non-California university with a dubious accreditation. That being said, I don't really know much about college accreditations but you might check with various CA law schools to see if Tiffin U college units and a diploma would be recognized by them. For instance, compare the accreditation info of Lincoln University (http://www.lincolnuca.edu/index.php?pageId=11) (I don't know anything about this Bay Area school) to that of Tiffin U's (http://www.tiffin.edu/about/ataglance/accreditations).

IIRC in my previous online search for scholarships, there were quite a number of awards for newly enrolling CA law school students.

Now if you were to transfer to USF as an undergrad, the Lieutenant Barbara Hammerman Memorial Scholarship (http://www.cps.usfca.edu/prospective/scholarship.html) might be within your grasp. But it mentions being a "duly sworn Peace Officer" and nothing about LEO retirees:
Scholarships are available for newly admitted students in the USF College of Professional Studies Bachelor of Public Administration with a concentrations in Law Enforcement Leadership program (http://www.cps.usfca.edu/prospective/scholarship.html). To receive a scholarship, applicants must be fully admitted to the BPA/LEL degree program. Lt. Barbara Hammerman Memorial Scholarship recipients are expected to exemplify positive leadership in their profession and within the USF Learning Community; be in good standing as a sworn peace officer in a California law enforcement agency and possess a POST Basic Certificate: and must have a minimum of 50 transferable units with a minimum grade point average of 2.3.

Still here's a shot in the dark, so to speak. USF's International Institute of Criminal Justice Leadership (http://cps.usfca.edu/academics/cjl/), whose director is former SF CoP Tony Ribera, might be able to point you to whatever scholarships are currently available to retired CA LEOs. Wouldn't hurt that much to dial the number anyway to find out. GL!