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07-22-2009, 9:14 AM
We all know that Sandy Sue in OC was a massive step backwards for us interested in 2nd Amendment issues.

Between bringing her SWAT team to dissuade 2nd amendment proponents from the Board of Supervisors meeting, to sending Jack Anderson to carry her water at the Orange County Republican's meeting, to zooming in and spying on the supervisor's notes, to blowing money on wasteful full dress inspections, to having crappy morale, to spending millions on an unneeded swat team, to creating a police-state mentality amongst her command staff, she's a shame, and a waste.

There's this big elephant in the room that no one seems to be talking about, and if what happened in San Diego recently with Kollender's retirement and the Bill Gore "I gave the Order at Ruby Ridge"s appointment, we need to have a concerted effort to keep us from losing ground and keeping more of these losers in office.

CalCCW did tons of work to bring to light a lot of the disfunction and dishonest crap the OC Sheriff got wrapped up in. SafeOC, who also posts on this board, is also trying to rally behind a candidate. Unfortunately, these organizations are not working on the same vector. Diluted efforts would likely result in diluted and ineffective results. Some of these lads I'd consider friends or do business with.

I fear that neither group has a substantial, massive momentum to really prevent Sandy Sue from getting elected Sheriff. I can't think of anything more disturbing than her not being replaced.

Let's presume...if only for a minute, that one would-be frontrunner of this race, is threatened with termination by his city's democratic government, mainly because of the CCW issue. This is pretend and likely wholesale rumor, but let's presume. Retirement is a ***** when you get fired from your job when you have a family. That means a lot of work would have gone into this, and well, he's out.

Let's pretend another would-be candidate is "unelectable". This would-be candidate was handpicked by Carona to succeed him and then Carona decided to stick around.


The bad news is that his website shows a "bandwidth exceed" message, and it's fairly obvious that he will either show up late to the party, or simply lose.



So...what do you all think? I'd rather not put on my flame or bite suit on, but ...let's open this up for discussion to a broader statewide audience....

07-23-2009, 7:46 AM

The SAFE OC Political Action Committee's event, "Come Meet YOUR NRA," held last evening at On Target Range in Laguna Niguel, was a resounding success. Over thirty-five CCW supporters attended, and Ed Worley (NRA Institute for Legislative Action) and Paul Payne (Assistant to Wayne LaPierre) graciously flew down from Sacramento for the event. Those who attended received critical information about Hutchens' assault on law-abiding citizens, learned about the NRA's efforts in California, and enjoyed a "fun shoot" supervised by instructor TJ Johnston. The event raised a substantial amount of money that will be used to defeat Hutchens.

A special and unexpected guest was former Sheriff's Lieutenant and Chief of Police of San Clemente, Bill Hunt. Lt. Hunt announced his candidacy for Sheriff of Orange County, and shared his views on CCW with the group. After the event, SAFE OC met with Hunt and confirmed that if elected, he will issue to any person who meets the age and residency requirements, is not in a prohibited category, and undergoes the required training, with "personal safety" alone as sufficient "good cause." Hunt has released the following written statement on CCW:

"I will issue concealed weapons permits (CCW) to any applicant who is a law abiding resident of the county, meets state mandated requirements and is not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm. There have been less than 1200 issued CCW’s in a county of 3 million. The majority have been given to reserve police officers, judges, prosecutors and to reward political supporters. I will depoliticize the process and establish an annual audit to review each application to ensure the process is unbiased, non-political and equitable."

On this basis, the board of SAFE OC UNANIMOUSLY voted to endorse Bill Hunt's candidacy for Sheriff of Orange County and to make the maximum contribution to his campaign.

Hunt informed us that his website, www.billhuntforsheriff.com, is being completely revamped and will be back up in a week.

SAFE OC calls upon all supporters of CCW in Orange County to rally behind Hunt, attend his event in Huntington Beach on August 1 (http://www.allsafedefense.com/images/MackHuntFlyer8-1-09sm.pdf) and do their utmost to support Hutchens' defeat. Please visit www.safeoc.org and make the greatest contribution you are able. Thank you.

07-23-2009, 11:35 AM
I am hoping the Hunt campaign can be given the derogatory personal information accumulated I've heard exist about Hutchens.

07-23-2009, 11:58 AM
I have no independent recollection, but I think that the derogatory information you speak of, and a substantial bunch more, is the product of a number of PRA's. Said PRA's make up significant efforts on the part of one political action group (CalCCW) or one or several of its members with OCCCWS - visions of the OCSD Swat jackbooting members of this PAC are a good example of the sacrifices they've made and the efforts they've undertaken. There is a lot of collective effort frm a lot of individuals and members in those groups.

I do not believe, and do not know, if SafeOC has participated in the efforts of gathering any of this discovery or its expense, demonstrations, or interaction with the OC Board of Supervisors. I don't believe SAFEOC has had access to such information (PRA's), or whether they desire it or not. I also don't know if Bill Hunt is interested in having access to the information, the political connections available to the group, its members, or else.

I do not believe both groups have collectively aligned with one another, or if they ever will. My crystal ball is broken - I do own one - but it simply is in need of a firmware upgrade.

Netnet, SafeOC and CalCCW are not the same, and both are doing their part, while different, to do the same thing: oust the wicked witch of LA and banish her from being appointed Sheriff.

I'm not sure the groups have brought their collective efforts together in any way, or even if both organizations think that such efforts are desired by both parties or worthwhile in their collective opinions. Do they want to play in the same sandbox?

I have no independent recollection or personal knowledge, but I believe there were also some feathers ruffled based on some solicitation of funds made by a list that SafeOC obtained and used to send out mailers and requests for donations. I think (and I do not know the mailing list, the mailers, etc., and did not stay at the Holiday Inn last night) that the ruffling came from individuals who relish their privacy and being on the list or being solicited that way.

Net net:

Is it advisable for the groups to work together or not? Each is a bit different, and I don't think their membership overlaps.

Do they want to play together?

Is there anyone who's interested in ensuring that the heads of both organizations lock themselves in a room with pricey cigars, good scotch, great steaks and well gifted serverettes for the pleasure of the attendants to see if such an alliance is desired or beneficial?

Cigars and scotch at the ready....

07-23-2009, 12:25 PM
This is probably best handled offline but I really appreciate your offer and almost nothing cannot be solved with steaks, cigars and scotch.

07-23-2009, 12:36 PM
Well, historically speaking, Carona was an abberation on CCW. OC didn't enjoy open CCW rights before he got there, and I don't see the surprise that we don't have them after he is gone. Hutchens is no friend to gun owners and the CCW crowd that's for sure, but frankly she's about the same as BACCA and most other county sheriffs (right?) Bacca is always up there *****ing about assault weapons, proliferating gun crime etc.

CCW remains a VERY scary and controversial issue for everyone except the hard core folks among ourselves. The number is about 1/30th of one percent of all Californians have CCWs. That's a minority too small to make much of a difference. (in OC it was just about 1 thousand out of a county of 3 million - even with Corona's openness)

Trying to elect a sheriff based solely on this criterion is going to be difficult if not impossible. (since the massively overwhelming number of OC residents DON"T CARE about(and probably don't want) open CCW in OC.

Having said that, I've met Mr. Hunt and a like his ideas and style. But he will have to run on a platform that is rather quiet on CCW if he wants the "reg folk" to jump on board

07-23-2009, 12:47 PM
Alright, as long as we're being 'metaphorical' here.....

I live hundreds of miles away, I don't know any of the folks involved, and 'don't have my dog in this fight'......fact is, I don't even have a dog.......yet whatever happens there will doubtless affect N. Cal residents, 'for better or worse' in some way or another.......it really is important to 'set a good example'.

How about this........forget about the Scots whisky.....forget about the cigars, and the minor, admittedly trivial bit of sexism, from the ancient history of political debate.

How about some group of 'the right people', clear-headed and dead sober, sitting across a table from one another, with some clearly written position papers, with some adequate number of sharp red pencils on hand to mark out the turns of phrase which 'aren't quite agreeable', and plenty of nice sharp new pencils to write.....and re-write......and re-write again........along with a sincere willingness to......however reluctantly........lay aside personal differences.......until they are able to do what a group of men in Philadelphia somehow found the willingness and ability to do, quite a few years ago.........on a far smaller scale, to be sure.

There were media reports of two deaths and one bad injury, this morning.......factual or not, I don't know, but its what the public read.....from psychotic and negligent mis-use of guns.......

Will any group emerge who will be able to find some way to 'wise up' a 'dumbed-down' public who will read those reports, and say 'we need more gun control'?

Yes, I'm drifting a bit off-topic.......but how much good can be done in worthwhile and necessary political process, without also finding some way to 'wise up' the public about the realities of the level of necessary personal responsibility connected with the ownership and use of firearms?

Sure, maybe I'm wrong........and I really do hate to say this, but just how in the h*ll are we going to be able to convince political figures, or would-be political figures, that Californians, generally, aren't so badly 'dumbed-down' that a 'police state' or 'nanny-state' isn't some sort of political necessity?

(Alright, this is just a 'rant'......sorry about wasting the space here.....this thread isn't the time or place, but, d*mn it all, two more people are dead, and one badly injured.....this really does need to stop sometime, you know)



07-23-2009, 1:25 PM
Feel free to PM me and we can talk.

No, the offer wasn't limited to steaks, cigar and scotch. But the point of helping unite both groups, if both desire, is valid.

Helping the two of your groups get on the same vector is of interest to me. I have met all 3 principals involved (I think), and have paid money to each for various services - I've been a customer or remain a paying customer of each of you. I think at least two of you guys have chatted, but since Bill Hunt has announced, it's probably time for an update.

PM me if you'd like...

This is probably best handled offline but I really appreciate your offer and almost nothing cannot be solved with steaks, cigars and scotch.