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07-21-2009, 8:39 PM
I've never done a PPT before, so I thought I'd ask here what the best practice to do it is...

meet the other party in person
check handguns, they look good
go to FFL, fill out PPT form, along with DROS (pay the $10/handgun, plus $35 DROS)
wait 10 days, get no phone call
pick up handguns
done deal.

question, where should the paying the other party be in that order?
lets say worst case these are stolen handguns, should you pay after the 10 days is up, or is the $$ held until everything clears? would DROS pick up that the handguns are stolen?
do you have to pay sales tax on the transaction?

07-21-2009, 8:47 PM
most people pay for the handgun before the PPT DROS is started. I personally would not do a PPT on a firearn I owned until after I was paid.

If the handguns were stolen, then the buyer is out-of-luck unless he can get the seller to give him back the money. I have heard that the serial number is checked during DROS, so it might/should get picked up if it is hot.

No sales tax due on the purchase of the handgun if buying from a private party.

07-21-2009, 8:55 PM
PPT is a transfer, all the paying between parties have to be done outside of gun shop.

Gun shop can ONLY charge up to $35 ($25 for DROS and up to $10 for whatever FFL wish to charge)per firearm. (I have hear some FFL will charge only one DROS for multiple long guns but I have never PPT a long gun so I'm not sure.)

Gun shop have no right to learn how much if any money is transferred between two parties. Therefore, no sale tax involve.

If the gun turn out to be stolen, most likely buying party will take the hit. There really isn't a for sure way to get your money back. But FFL SHOULD have both parties ID on file, the rest are up to law enforcers.

07-21-2009, 9:00 PM
Don't forget your gunlock.

Just get one and keep the reciept, IN CASE the FFL asks for one. You can either keep it or return it to the store later.

As for stolen gun, if you are buying it from a user here and they have iTrader feedback already, I would think you are safe on that issue. But as always, BUYER BEWARE.

07-21-2009, 9:51 PM
Each handgun will have to be done on a separate DROS.

07-21-2009, 9:52 PM
If I'm buying a gun FTF from a guy I'm not paying him until it comes back clean. I'm not going to hand a guy a dollar if I think its stolen. I might even ask for a copy of his DL while the guy runs the information so I have it in case I need to track him down later if the police show up at my door looking for a gun.

07-21-2009, 9:56 PM
you might have a hard time finding a private party seller with that viewpoint.