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07-21-2009, 3:28 PM
WTS Yugo AK Parts / AR Parts / 1911 Accesories
First to say I’ll take It and then Followed up by PM or EMAIL
*******PLEASE MARK ILL TAKE IT*********
Payment via M/O or PayPal
PayPal (NO FEES) Cost of Doing business. Please send payment to: saigaman@charter.net
All prices are shipped via USPS. I ship the same day if payment is received by 2pm CDT
All Parts are Located in Denton TX 76209
More Pictures on request. This OBO sale

1. Yugo Rear Site w/1k Leaf & Pins 20.00 OBO
2. Yugo Rear Site w/1k Leaf & Pins 20.00 OBO
3. Yugo Lower H/G Retainer 15.00 OBO
4. Yugo Front S/B W/Pins 20.00 OBO
5. Yugo Slant Break 4.00 OBO
6. Yugo Slant Break 4.00 OBO
7. Romanian Forked Rear Trunnon De Milled 20.00 OBO
8. Tapco Used Stock 20.00 OBO
9. Romanian Gas Tube 20.00 OBO
10. Hungarian AMD Gas Tube 10.00 OBO
11. ***SOLD***STG Weiger I/O Take off G/Tube 15.00 OBO
12. Romanian P/G 8.00 OBO
13. Bulgy web kit this set includes 20.00
1-4 Cell Magazine pouch - Front Front Right
1-2 Cell Grenade Pouch - Front Row Left
1-1Cell Bread Bag Pouch - Back Row Center
1-1Cell Misc Pouch - Back Row Left
1-1Cell Gas Mask Pouch - Back Row Right
15. One Lot of used parts what you see in there is what will ship 25.00 shipped
16. 1-Lot of AK Misc Parts What you see is what you get 35.00 Shipped OBO

07-21-2009, 4:09 PM
Hi, I'll take #2.... bulgy f/a parts. 56tchr

07-22-2009, 10:32 AM
BTT new parts Added

07-24-2009, 7:59 PM
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