View Full Version : Transportation of a Firearm (pistol)?

07-21-2009, 2:17 PM
First off let me start by saying I am Not a Peace Officer Nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn last nite so I am pretty clueless.. If I am transporting a pistol say to and from the Range in a Locked soft case (fully enclosed) unloaded, can it ride up front with me in a non locked console? I realize this is open to interpetation of the law and I understand if you prefer Not to answer..
Stay Safe.. Thanks & Regards, Jim

07-21-2009, 2:58 PM
Here is the CA penal code section below. I would recommend placing it in the trunk anyway other than the console, but the console need not be locked for it isn't a part of the equation as you will see:

12026.1. (a) Section 12025 shall not be construed to prohibit any
citizen of the United States over the age of 18 years who resides or
is temporarily within this state, and who is not prohibited by state
or federal law from possessing, receiving, owning, or purchasing a
firearm, from transporting or carrying any pistol, revolver, or other
firearm capable of being concealed upon the person, provided that
the following applies to the firearm:
(1) The firearm is within a motor vehicle and it is locked in the
vehicle's trunk or in a locked container in the vehicle other than
the utility or glove compartment.
(2) The firearm is carried by the person directly to or from any
motor vehicle for any lawful purpose and, while carrying the firearm,
the firearm is contained within a locked container.
(b) The provisions of this section do not prohibit or limit the
otherwise lawful carrying or transportation of any pistol, revolver,
or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person in
accordance with this chapter.
(c) As used in this section, "locked container" means a secure
container which is fully enclosed and locked by a padlock, key lock,
combination lock, or similar locking device.