View Full Version : SDM sights on S&W: how I fixed my problem

07-19-2009, 11:34 AM
Hello folks,

I wanted to replace the fiber optic element on a SDM front sight on one of my 617s today (I cracked it a bit at the range when I accidently hit it with my ammo box as I was moving it off the bench). I got new elements from SDM, but no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't fit as snug as what Scott had installed from the shop.

So what I did was drilled a hole straight through on the other end of the sight to correspond to the one closer to the shooter, pushed the element straight through, clipped it with nail clippers on both ends and then used a lighter to flare the ends. It works great.

Hiviz owners do not have this problem as a lot of their sights have the element as an integral piece and I don't think you can replace it without replacing the sight. It also costs around $45. SDM sights are cheaper and it is easier to replace the element of your sight if get tired of the same color.


Edit: Also it must have been said before, but if you want to replace your pinned factory sights with a SDM or Hiviz, you need a 0.055" drill bit, punch and possibly a spare roll pin. Brownells has these parts including sights.