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07-17-2009, 1:44 PM
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CALNRA: City of Carson Ammo Sales Registration Hearing 7/21

(for updates: http://calnra.com/legs.shtml?year=2009&summary=carsonammosales)


Description: The City of Carson is scheduled to consider an ordinance that would require the registration of all ammunition sales on July 21, 2009. The ordinance would also require all ammunition vendors to obtain a license from the City, and would additionally require that all ammunition sales transactions be conducted via a face-to-face transaction, effectively banning mail order and internet purchases of ammunition. If passed by the City Council next week, the ordinance will go to the Mayor’s desk for signature.

Latest Info: 07/17/2009 - Please call or e-mail the Carson City Council today to voice your opposition to this ordinance.

Action needed: Join your local NRA Members' Council (http://nramemberscouncils.com/volunteer/)

Contact the Carson City Council:

Mayor Jim Dear
Tel: (310) 952-1700 Ext. 1000
E-mail: jdear@carson.ca.us (mailto:jdear@carson.ca.us)

Mayor Pro Tempore
Tel: (310) 952-1700 Ext. 1000
E-mail: lholmes@carson.ca.us (mailto:lholmes@carson.ca.us)

Council Member Elito M. Santarina
Tel: (310) 952-1700 Ext. 1000
E-mail: myfrancisone@yahoo.com (mailto:myfrancisone@yahoo.com)

Council Member Julie Ruiz-Raber
Tel: (310)952-1700 Ext. 1714
E-mail: (No E-mail contact available)

Council Member Mike A. Gipson
Tel: (310)952-1700
E-mail: mgipson@carson.ca.us (mailto:mgipson@carson.ca.us)

If you are interested in speaking in opposition to the ordinance at the upcoming council meeting and would like to receive talking points, please contact Clint Monfort of Michel and Associates, P.C. at cmonfort@michelandassociates.com. (mailto:cmonfort@michelandassociates.com.)

07-17-2009, 3:49 PM
Oh this sucks. Long Beach next door failed at their attempted so the city next door is going to give it a try instead? :confused:

07-17-2009, 4:01 PM
I sent an e-mail, For all the good it will do...

07-17-2009, 9:26 PM
I found this email address for Council Member Julie Ruiz-Raber (info@votejulieruizraber.org)

and this one Julie Ruiz-Raber (julieruizraber@msn.com)

Council Member Julie Ruiz-Raber
Tel: (310)952-1700 Ext. 1714
E-mail: (No E-mail contact available)

and this direct address for Council Member Mike Gipson (allnew399@aol.com)

Council Member Mike A. Gipson
Tel: (310)952-1700
E-mail: mgipson@carson.ca.us

They use Sender Address Verification so you will immediately get a message back stating that you need to reply to it in order for your message to be delivered. See below:

Message from "Mike Gipson"
__________________________________________________ _______________
I recognize from your email address that this is the first message I have received from you since City of Carson began using Sender Address Verification (SAV).

Your message is very important to me. Like you, we are very concerned with stopping the proliferation of spam. We have implemented Sender Address Verification (SAV) to ensure that we do not receive unwanted email and to give you the assurance that your messages to me have no chance of being filtered into a bulk mail folder.

By pressing REPLY and SEND to this message your original message will be delivered to the top of my Inbox. You need only do this once and all future emails will be recognized and delivered directly to me.

When replying to this email, please make sure that the following email address appears in the To: field of the reply:


If you are unable to respond to this authentication request within 2 weeks, or if your reply is not sent to the correct email address (as indicated above), your message may not be delivered.

Thank you!

Mike Gipson