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07-14-2009, 10:20 PM
Hi everyone. Last week I posted an introduction to everyone about me and my campaign for congress. Some questions were posted and I wanted to post my answers.

I campaign full time, I work full time, and I am a full time husband and father. Thank you for understanding why it took me a week to get to theses answers.

1) Your statement suggests that you would not support a resurrection of the federal AW ban in any form. Is that correct?
2) Is there any form of gun or gun owner registration that you would vote for under any circumstances?
3) Is there any ammunition tracing or serializing bill that you would vote for under any conditions?
4) How do you feel about efforts to regulate firearms for product safety?
5) I infer that you undertake to protect law-abiding gun owners from further regulation. Are there any existing laws you feel should be repealed?
6) Would you support re-opening the NFA registry for automatic weapons if such a bill ever came to a vote?
7) Have you stopped beating your wife?
8) How will you get elected in an urban California district if you answer questions like these in any way that would satisfy Calgunners?

My answers:
1) I would not support any kind of semiautomatic weapon ban (commonly known as the Assault Weapon Ban).
2) Regarding the registration question, give me more specifics on what you are asking. Perhaps you can re-word this question to address a specific law or bill? In general, I cannot think of any new guns laws that need to be passed. I would like to see enforcement of the laws already on the books.
3) I would not support an ammunition tracing or serialization bill.
4) Regarding the “product safety” question…I would need clarification on what you are asking. If you are referring to the safety test the state of California requires, this, of course, is a state issue and I could not have an affect on it. As a resident of California, I am opposed to the test.
5) Regarding repealing laws, on a federal level, nothing comes to mind. I am open to hearing any concerns.
6) Regarding the NFA registry, I would have to see the details. The devil is in the details and sometimes what appears to be good, can backfire with unintended consequences.
7) Regarding my wife, I love her very much and I only beat her in accuracy at the shooting range.
8) Regarding the district…this is a great question. The Second Amendment was created for a very specific reason and I will defend that right with my dying breath.
I have a very diverse district that I am looking forward to representing. The second amendment was created for a very specific reason and I will defend that right with my dying breath. There are some issues that everyone in my district agrees on like a good economy, personal liberty, and honesty in government. I know that it is impossible to get everyone to agree on everything, but what I can do is offer accessibility and use the Constitution as my guide. My constituents will have access to me and will be represented by me. I have been reaching out to all the communities in my district and will continue to do so. I am looking for more volunteers and would love to hear from anyone in San Diego to help OUR campaign.


07-15-2009, 6:58 PM

That is about the best answer I've ever seen for Question 7. Serious Kudos to you!


07-15-2009, 8:49 PM
Nice site and very informative. I would suggest listing the communities or have a map showing the area you plan to represent. Good luck in your efforts and if I lived in the I would vote for you. That is a tough District as you start getting close to the constituency that supports Bob Filner. I do think Susan Davis is vulnerable in a few areas so good luck!

Gator Monroe
07-15-2009, 8:56 PM
Do people confuse you for the Matt Friedman ( Nor cal Rabbi & macher at Cal trans in Sacto ?)

07-16-2009, 6:52 AM
Thanks for positng, Matt...