View Full Version : Anyone know a good bolt-on muzzle break for a saiga .223?

07-13-2009, 12:43 PM
To all my brothers and sisters who tolerate the socialist regime in this state,

I need your help friends. I am looking for a good bolt-on muzzle break for my saiga .223. I checked out the bolt-on phantom muzzle break from dph arms but it is also a flash suppresor so that is out of the question. Anyone know a dealer in, or out of, state who just has a straight bolt-on muzzle break for the saiga .223? I saw one on ebay, but it is for the sks, and I just don't know if it would work on this rifle. I'd like to get a bolt-on because every gunsmith I go to tells me what a rough job it will be to thread this bad boy (because they have to mess around with sliding off the front sight, screwing it up in the process.). If you all know of any good bolt-on or clip-on breaks for this rifle from anywhere in the country, please let me know so I can give the one finger salute to this state for making it so hard to make a decent rifle. Thanks