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07-13-2009, 1:11 AM
So I am an owner of a few LMT MRP CQB uppers. One is a 16'' PISTON and the other is 16'' DI. Anyways, I have had my 16'' DI for about 1-2 years now and have had zero problems until now. Typically I only do a COMPLETE DETAIL strip and clean every 1-2k rounds so last night was my second time.

I took my rifle completely apart; from springs and detents to barrel and bolt.

Upon completion of my cleaning and down to reassembling I had a OH **** NO SITUATION!!!!!!

Lets back track a bit....LMT sends their MRP's with a preset torx wrench for the barrel.

My first break down went fine and no problem at all. Torx wrench broke at the set poundage and everything was great.

As for last night I hand tightened both screws then proceeded to tighten it down with the given torx wrench. Front and most forward screw was fine and the torx broke at the given point....the rear screw SNAPPED before the wrench broke as expected....WTF?!?!?!?!?!

Anyways here is a photo taken with my phone....

Anyone have any experience with this problem?

Anyone know much about LMT's stand on this?

Will they fix it?

Will they replace it?

The screw snapped at the threads so there is still threading on the screw itself and the rest of the screw is stuck inside the MRP.

Should I just the "grip grabber" and screw it entirely out?

Should I send it back to LMT and have them do it? (in case they say I messed it up more!)

Thanks in advance folks....


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Thanks for the link....Calguns consumes A LOT of my time though I dont post too much, I'm more in the for sale forum and haven't decided to make an account for ARF.

Looks like I'll call LMT asap and get the situation handled....

07-13-2009, 1:43 AM
shouldn't be an issue. ;)

Always nice to know you're not alone.

07-13-2009, 7:06 AM
Drill small hole down the center of the piece that is left in there, then use an Easy Out bit. If you sent it in to LMT, I would wounder what their turnaround time would be.