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07-12-2009, 10:49 PM
I see lots of collapsible stocks for around $55 brand new and $50 used (Go figure).

Do they make a collapsible "LOOK-A-LIKE" stock that is NOT collapsible but looks like it is on O.D. Green?

Do they make a regular A2 stock in O.D. Green?

I am having a hard time searching for this but then again, I am not too search saavy. Thanks.

07-12-2009, 11:04 PM
I have seen OD A2s I am pretty sure. You could always color one.

They used to make look-a-like retractables during the Clinton ban days, they show up on GunBroker every now and then. Rare, but they are out there. You could always make one yourself, there is no requirement for permanence but you definetly don't want the locking mechanism to break easily or be as easy as flipping a switch.

I'll take a look and report back, my search-fu is pretty good IMO ;)

07-12-2009, 11:13 PM
Rock River and Fulton both have green buttstocks: http://rockriverarms.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=296 & http://www.fulton-armory.com/M6Parts2.htm

07-13-2009, 12:08 AM
If you want more color choices, Cavalry is your choice.

VLTOR also makes their non-collapsible in OD.

07-13-2009, 3:20 PM
Awww... finally found the non-retractable M4 stocks. I am surpised they still make them: http://www.del-ton.com/AR_15_Buttstock_p/bs1035.htm & http://www.del-ton.com/AR_15_Buttstock_p/bs1038.htm. The first one is the original fiberlite and the second one is the newer style.

A2 stock in green: http://www.del-ton.com/AR_15_Buttstock_p/bs1034.htm

Non-retractable M4 stock in green: http://www.del-ton.com/AR_15_Buttstock_p/bs1039.htm

07-13-2009, 3:29 PM
I believe a few states have AW laws that mirror the Clinton Ban, which is why the Pre-Ban and Post-Ban terminology is moderately relevant to some people.

07-13-2009, 3:31 PM
Ya, but even then it seemed to me that they weren't that popular and that was for sale to the whole country. Now they are selling to an even slimmer amount of people and I don't recall ever seeing one on ARF or here for that matter.

07-13-2009, 8:21 PM
Wow, you guys are pretty good with your search skills. Thanks a bunch.