View Full Version : remington r-15 barrel advice

07-12-2009, 11:42 AM
i'm going to purchase a remingtion r-15 w/ a 24" barrell. my choices are the traditional "cylindrical" barrell, or their new "triangular" barrell. both are fluted and seem to have similar o.d., and made of similar materials i have some mid-lenght barrell a/r's and am just looking for a different shooting experience. i don't hunt. any thoughts on either would be greatly appreciated. i'm wondering of the "triangular" barrell is just a gimmick. i've never seen or heard of them before, and they actually seem to have less overall "meat" on them, because of the three sided configuration. i'm looking for something that won't heat up as quickly as my mid-length barrells. thanks.

07-12-2009, 1:43 PM
I heard of the triangular barrels only on there 700 VTR rifle.
I heard it increases the surface area of the barrel, with the addition of fluting it would only increase it further. More surface area would mean more area for the heat to escape.

However, unless your shooting like a mad man. I don't think the triangular barrel profile will benefit you other than aesthetics. I would stay with tried and true, a fluted round barrel is plenty. If your really worried about heated barrels. I would find a heatsink for the barrel. JP makes one and another company that I just cant put my hands on. But I would just consider that extra weight and dont think the extra barrel life and cost would justify installing it.