View Full Version : working on my first CA legal OLL+BB build w/ pics

07-11-2009, 4:04 PM
Alright, long time lurker here to share a few details on a project I've been working on... slowly building it up piece by piece over the past few months.

I've lived in California almost my whole life and have wanted to own an AR type rifle for years; ever since I had a chance to shoot my friends pre-ban AR's but of course living here in CA, I settled for shooting my friends guns, that is until a they abandoned ship and moved to Texas!

Then a few years ago a friend bought a bunch of off list lowers and told me about doing a fixed mag build which sounded interesting but I didn't have the funds at the time and never got around to doing it... But at long last I'm finally building one (YAY!!) and learning about all the applicable PC laws, rules and legalities of building/owning this type of rifle (BOO!! No wonder my friends left for Texas!) :P

So my new build is nearly complete and I am really looking forward to finishing/shooting it... I have a complete upper / bcg on it's way from PKF and plan on assembling my own complete upper once a barrel that I ordered a couple months ago from bushmaster arrives. Probably going to end up with 2 rifles when it's all said and done!

Here's what I've got on it so far:
* Lower is CMMG / DPMS LPK / BB that I bought from Irvington Arms in Fremont
* Upper Receiver and CH I picked up from the last gunshow at the Cow palace
* Standard A2 stock from bushmaster



I want to thank everyone on here because without all the info I've picked up here and on a couple other forums I wouldn't have felt as prepared to take on assembling my own rifle from parts which has turned out to be a fun and rewarding project!

Also, I want thank CGF for all they are doing for gun owners here in California. I made a small donation at the gun show a couple months ago and will continue to send my support as funds allow. Please keep up the good work!

Best regards,

07-11-2009, 8:40 PM
Nice work, method. Welcome to the addiction!

07-11-2009, 9:21 PM
good looking build. :rockon:

07-11-2009, 9:56 PM
keep up the good work!

Richie Caketown
07-11-2009, 10:21 PM
remember to keep it on "Safe" :yes:

07-12-2009, 9:04 AM
remember to keep it on "Safe" :yes:

Yeah, funny thing about that... and I was going to ask a question about it here but I asked a friend who said his operates the same way. The safety select can not be engaged when the hammer is not cocked back. It's not something I noticed on other AR's I've fired but seems like it's just the way that the mechanism was designed? I can think of at least one reason why it might function this way but rather than speculate maybe someone here knows the answer? :)

07-16-2009, 8:58 PM
Alright, here's the finished project... (for now) and I know, it's a very basic setup. I plan on adding an aimpoint or scope, need to shop around a bit for that.

Added the 20" upper, Hogue grip and Larue BUIS. Here are the pics. Can't wait to get this out to the range and put some rounds through it, hope it's a tack driver! :)