View Full Version : Shooter's Choice Aqua Clean?

07-08-2009, 7:50 PM
I saw an ad for a new product from Shooter's Choice called Aqua Clean. They have two versions, one an action cleaner/degreaser and the other is a bore cleaner (copper/lead solvent). They are water based and supposedly non-toxic. Has anyone used either yet? What sort of results have you gotten?

08-23-2009, 4:48 AM
I asked this question on another forum a couple of months ago and didn't get a reply. I was interested because I can get this shipped by post to DownUnder whereas most of the others being non aqueous or aerosol can't be shipped by post.
Even though I didn't get any replies I decided to buy some bore cleaner and finally got to try some over just the last couple of days so my experience is not long or extensive. I have used it on a couple of old military bolt actions only at this stage and so far it looks promising.
The MSDS suggests it is similar to the foaming bore cleaners with monoethanolamine as the active ingredient. The instructions say to leave in in the barrel for about 5 minutes. I understand with the foaming cleaners you can leave it in overnight (or longer).
Using it was easy, no smell to speak of, didn't seem to eat anything else except the bore crud which came out black initially then the blue colour of dissolved copper. After several 15 minute soaks blue was still coming out of these old less than pristine barrels but apart from a little copper wash visible these barrels seem clean enough so I stopped there and oiled the barrel as recommended.
I think leaving it overnight is the way to go so just to test its safety I coated a large bright nail and left it for 15 hours. It wiped clean with no suggestion of rust or etching.
I intend to email Shooters Choice just to confirm that it is safe to leave in the barrel for a day or so but my conclusion so far is that it is a good product, similar to the foaming borecleaners but without the mess.