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Can LEO people here tell which agencies are still hiring in California even in these times? My son has graduated college and is going to start testing. Anywhere in California is fine. A web site would be cool too.


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CHP is his best bet if he has no experience/ POST basic academy certificate.

In these hard times, agencies want people who are proven to be committed, by either putting themselves through or having been through already.

07-08-2009, 8:22 AM
PORAC advertises agency's that are hiring.

Fire in the Hole
07-08-2009, 9:13 AM
Agencies curently hiring:

e-mail us at poracnews@porac.org


CHIEF OF POLICE CITY OF CHICO: The ideal candidate will be a contemporary, confident, and collaborative professional who will serve the department, the City and the community of Chico. The ideal candidate will have a well-rounded knowledge/experience of all aspects of modern, municipal policing. He/She will convey a strong yet approachable command presence, enjoy teaching/coaching/mentoring and be well versed in community involved policing and problem solving. The candidate should have strong administrative skills and should be able to lead as well as work as part of a dynamic city management team. The candidate will be expected to demonstrate a proven history of creative and effective problem solving and effective collaborative teamwork. The Chief of Police position in the City of Chico will be challenged by a dynamic community with many security needs and limited resources. The Chief will be expected to be an effective communicator and should be able to easily interact with a very diverse socio-economic, political, and educational community. He/She will need to demonstrate their professional experience planning and preparing for future issues facing police departments including an understanding of trend analysis, strategic planning and the innovative deployment of available resources. The Chief will be expected to have extensive experience working with the media and will join the rest of the management team in focusing on organizational development and customer service. For more information, including application requirements and to apply on-line visit us at ww.ci.chico.ca.us (click on Human Resources > Job Opportunities). The final closing deadline is: Friday, July 31, 2009. (731)



POLICE SERGEANT: City of Brawley. Salary Range: $5,162.37 - $6,156.72 per month. Minimum qualifications: *Minimum five (5) years service as a CA. Police Officer, *60 Units from an accredited college and/or P.O.S.T. Intermediate Certificate, *Compete in a written and oral exam process obtaining a minimum score of 70%. Excellent Benefits: *3% at 50, *Specialty Assignments (Training, Investigations, Traffic), *3/12 Schedule, *Health Benefits allowance: Medical, Dental, Vision, *Incentive pay: Bi-lingual, Education, P.O.S.T. Certificates, Education / Tuition Incentive. DEADLINE: July 31, 2009. Applications available at www.cityofbrawley.com or at the Personnel Office: 383 Main St., Brawley, CA 92227. Original applications only, please. No faxes. EOE (709)





POLICE OFFICER (LATERAL OR ACADEMY GRADUATE), Santa Rosa Police Department: $5,905 - $7,171 per mo. + benefits, (plus 9% City-paid PERS Contribution), 3% at 50 PERS Retirement, 4.5% Intermediate P.O.S.T. Certificate, 7 % Advanced P.O.S.T. Certificate. Benefits: Health, dental, and vision insurance, including domestic partners; vacation; sick leave; 144 hours holiday pay; 2.5%-5% special assignment premium pay; $800 uniform allowance; $1,000 body armor; 3%-5% bilingual pay; 4/10 or 3/12.5 work week; paid life insurance; Master Police Officer Program, Retiree Medical Benefits Plan, and other excellent benefits. Qualified laterals may be eligible for up to 5th step. Qualifications: Must possess or be eligible to possess a California P.O.S.T. Basic Certificate and currently; or within last 2 years, have been employed for a minimum of 1 year as a Peace Officer in a California-authorized jurisdiction; or currently enrolled in or completed California P.O.S.T. approved Basic Academy within last 2 years. Specialized Assignments: Accident Investigator, Canine Unit, Crisis Negotiations Unit, Detective, Environmental Crimes Unit, Motorcycle Traffic Officer, Field Training Officer, School Resource Officer, S.W.A.T. and other assignments too! Continuous examination, no final filing date has been set. If you are interested in pursuing a career with a progressive police department dedicated to a community oriented policing and problem-solving environment, located in the heart of the Sonoma County wine country in beautiful Northern California, contact: Recruiting Office (707) 543-HIRE , Recruiting Hotline (877) GO4-SRPD, www.santarosapd.com The City of Santa Rosa is an equal opportunity employer (801)


POLICE OFFICER (LATERAL/ACADEMY EXPERIENCED) - City of Gardena: Salary: $4,862 - $5,909 (beginning salary dependent upon experience). Longevity Bonus granted after completion of satisfactory service with the Gardena Police Department as follows: 7 Yrs. Service, 2.5% of base;12 Yrs. Service, 5% of base; 20 Yrs. Service, 10% of base; 26 Yrs. Service, 15% of base; Specialist bonus, $450/mo; Educational Bonus, 6% of base for AA/AS or Intermediate P.O.S.T. Certificate after probation; 12% of base for BA/BS or Advanced P.O.S.T. Certificate after probation. The City of Gardena provides the PERS 3% @ 50 formula paid entirely by the City; other benefits include the 3-12 schedule for patrol and 4-10 for all other sworn personnel; 15 holidays annually with holiday buy-back plan; 3 weeks vacation accrued during the first year of service and increases with years of service; 12.5 hours sick leave per month with annual sick leave buy-back plan; health insurance, uniform allowance, bilingual bonus & tuition reimbursement. The Gardena Police Department is located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County and serves a culturally diverse community of nearly 62,000. The Police Department is funded for 92 sworn positions with assignments in Patrol, Traffic, Motors, Detectives, Narco/Vice/Intelligence, Canine, Tactical Team, and participation on various Task Forces. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and must be submitted to the City of Gardena Personnel Office, 1700 W. 162nd Street, Gardena, CA 90247; 24-Hr. Job Line (310) 217-9515. For additional information visit our web site at www.GardenaPD.org. EO (730)

07-08-2009, 8:22 PM
Seal Beach PD is hiring. Los Alimatos is hiring as well, but they are in bad financial waters. Oceanside is hiring..... That's all I have seen in the past few weeks.

07-09-2009, 8:50 PM
Los Angeles County Probation Department will probably open up 300 positions in the next two months (if all goes well). we are not accepting applications at this time, but keep checking the website every week to see if they reopen applications. We hired 450 officer last fiscal year. We are only 19 days into this fiscal year and we have already hired an additional 37 so far.

here is the website:


pm me if you have some questions

07-09-2009, 9:50 PM
The last I heard Richmond was hiring about 30-40 officers. I think they picked up about 20 officers from Stockton.
Job Announcement (http://ca-richmond.civicplus.com/DocumentView.aspx?DID=435)

07-10-2009, 6:27 AM
After I get hired I will tel you all the places hiring!:p

07-10-2009, 10:57 AM
You have to go through the CHP academy if you want to get hired by them, so he would have to go through an academy again.... but it is an option.

07-10-2009, 11:33 AM

Hiring has slowed down drastically, but it's still happening

Good Luck!

07-10-2009, 12:19 PM
My son is looking............I'm retiring this year!!! keep'em coming.........I'm forwarding this stuff to my son.

thanks again..........

07-13-2009, 11:08 AM

Hiring has slowed down drastically, but it's still happening

Good Luck!

They "raised the bar" this time around for hiring plus they're looking for a lot of females. Not to mention the budget crunch and unemployment rate in LA county is in right now doesn't help any

07-13-2009, 4:03 PM
look on www.officer.com

07-13-2009, 5:14 PM
Citrus Heights PD


07-13-2009, 7:13 PM
Citrus Heights PD


They are only hiring a couple, and with 400 plus sac county deputies layed off at the end of the month, chances are slim and none!

07-14-2009, 7:01 AM
They are only hiring a couple, and with 400 plus sac county deputies layed off at the end of the month, chances are slim and none!

spoke with a sac county deputy tonight, he said the number is 203. either way its all bad, And CHPD I heard also is just reserve officers for now.........

07-14-2009, 8:04 AM
spoke with a sac county deputy tonight, he said the number is 203. either way its all bad, And CHPD I heard also is just reserve officers for now.........

Well he/she is forgetting 300 plus On-Calls deputies that do the same job as regular deputies but without benefits. As the department likes to call it, its the farm team. You prove your worth and you get bumped up to the big leagues. Only a small percentage are retired annuitants, but the bee would have you think otherwise!

Most of US were dependent on that income. To sum it up the department will not run properly without us and now services are really going to suck(I know they suck now as we are understaffed before the layoffs).

07-14-2009, 8:51 AM

7222 Hawker
07-14-2009, 6:16 PM
Rumor is that CHP currently has enough applicants approved to keep their academy stocked until 2012 with a lot more in the process. Still worth applying though, as a lot of those people will move on to other agencies because of the wait.