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The Tech-1
07-06-2009, 5:44 PM
Hello All,

Im pretty new to California, and have been wanting a 9mm rifle for quite a while now. Mostly because I want another rifle that's a little cheaper to plink with. Is there any common 9mm rifle out there that's ready to buy, and legal in CA? Or am I going to have to buy another AR lower, with a BB setup, and a 9mm upper conversion kit?

Lauer Custom Weaponry lower receiver / 9mm. California Legal.

A registered DPMS receiver converted to 9mm.

Also if any of you guys have one of these set ups please chime in, I'd like to hear if they're prone to problems, finicky with ammo, etc..?

Olympic Arms 9mm upper with a corresponding 9mm mag block and Sten mags.

Thanks in advance fellas:cool2:

07-06-2009, 6:17 PM
CMMG has a dedicated mag well lower and upper AR Rifle they are starting to sell. RRA does the same but I think RRA is on the List so no go there. I would look into a CMMG Complete AR in 9mm or build an OLL and buy your own upper. I started off with my Sun Devil OLL that use to be used as a .22LR and is now a 9mm CAR. Since CA and it's stoopid rules it would probably be just the same to build up a lower and add all the parts you wanted to it instead of buying a complete rifle.

I went with a Spikes Upper that uses the CMMG Ramped Bolt which allows you to use the stock hammer. All I switched out was the buffer to a 9mm 6.1oz one. Added a mag block and put it all together and shot it.



The Tech-1
07-06-2009, 6:36 PM
Cool, can you give a range report on your setup?

07-06-2009, 7:02 PM
Heh, the first 2 carbines in your post are/were mine.
Both 9mm ARs were built up from parts, including the uppers.
Most of the parts are Rock River Arms: 9mm barrel, bolt, mag block, hammer, & buffer.
The second one with the VTAC tube uses a Spikes Tactical 9mm barrel.

9mm parts sources were Rainierarms.com, pkfirearms.com and spikestactical.com

The second one is a registered lower, but any new 9mm OLL will need a bullet button or Raddlock (or a featureless build for detachable mags).

I tried using Cproducts 9mm magazines at first, but the bolt kept dragging on the feed lips, which caused feeding problems . So I ended up widening the feed lips a bit with a file and dremel.

Expect tight groups at 25 yards, but a large spread at 100 yards.