View Full Version : Anyone a 7mm rem mag fan?

07-05-2009, 1:18 PM
I am thinking about getting a Tikka T3 Lite Stainless in 7mm Rem Mag. It will mostly be a paper killer, but i dont think I've heard of people using 7mm rem mag at 1000 yards... is there a reason? It blows .308 out of the water.

07-05-2009, 1:39 PM
The "Big 7" (not so big anymore) is an excellent cartridge and can make an excellent dedicated LR rig but it might be a bit too much of a good thing in a T3 Lite. In a lightweight rifle the recoil can be brisk and the barrel is going to heat up quickly. Also burning all that powder is going to reduce the barrel life. A 24" barrel is the minimum with 26-28" being preferred.

For range shooting, especially if this is your first LR rifle, get a .308Win. Many more options in terms of rifles, ammo, etc. Also much cheaper to feed.

07-05-2009, 2:09 PM
+1 on a 26 inch barrel. Either go long or get a 280 Rem and save the powder.

07-05-2009, 3:40 PM
I wouldn't buy a Tikka - or anything else described as "lite" - for paper punching with the 7mm Rem Mag, for hunting fine though. The 7 doesn't really belt the heck out of you but in a light rifle it will bounce you around more than a bit off a bench. I have a Remington PPS in 7 Rem Mag, it's pretty easy shooting and I paid about $800.00 for it new - with 139 grains at 100 to 200 yds, it's accurate and pleasant to shoot. I have some older Sierra 168 BTHPs for longer range shooting.

07-05-2009, 3:59 PM
If you are going to shoot it off the bench then buy a Savage and screw a 26+" long #7 or heavier contour barrel on it. The extra weight up front will slow down the recoil.

I have a sporter weight 7 Mag that I've taken deer and antelope sized game with. It's an OK cartridge but it's not the first rifle I go to for anything except when I'm hunting in the Condor area because it loves the 140 grain Barnes TSX.

07-05-2009, 4:27 PM
I use my Remington 700 in 7mm mag for elk hunting. I think its a great cartridge. I dont use it for target shooting except before hunting trips to verify zero. Mine seems to love 168 Sierra. I second getting a heavier barrel if its strictly bench shooting and a 26" barrel.

07-05-2009, 6:39 PM
Just bought a Stevens 200 in 7mm Mag (began 10 day wait today). The plan is to set the action in a B&C stock, and screw in a pac-nor, or shilen barrel. All deer within 400yds beware.

Jonathan Doe
07-05-2009, 7:11 PM
US Secret Service used to shoot 7mm Rem Mag for long range as I understand.

07-05-2009, 7:57 PM
I've got a Sendero in 7 mag. It's a sweet gun, and in the process of getting a break installed. That will help my shoulder at the range after a few shots. I hand load and it's deadly accurate.

07-05-2009, 7:59 PM
Anyone think the recoil would be tolerable in a lite rifle? If so I may get it, as I am not getting a gun thats dedicated to killing paper, thats over kill, I could get a 5 dollar hole punch for that. So this will be my hunting rifle if I do get it

07-05-2009, 9:04 PM
After shooting my bud's 7mm i think you'll want the heaviest one out there.... not quite on par with a 300WM, but it sure packs a wallop...

07-06-2009, 8:44 AM
Anyone think the recoil would be tolerable in a lite rifle? If so I may get it, as I am not getting a gun thats dedicated to killing paper, thats over kill, I could get a 5 dollar hole punch for that. So this will be my hunting rifle if I do get it

"Tolerable" is a relative term. I most definitely would NOT get a light rifle, in a magnum caliber, as a target gun. All manliness aside, to me, I don't enjoy shooting something for any length of time if it's just going to batter me. For a hunting rifle which you carry all day and shoot perhaps once or twice in a day, the advantage of a lightweight rifle is clear. But for a target rifle which you only have to carry from your trunk but intend to shoot all day, weight is your friend. It means more stability and less recoil.

07-06-2009, 9:02 AM
I have this gun in 7mm Mag and recoil doesn't bother me at all. I don't think this is considered a lite rifle, but then again, I have no idea what's considered lite and what isn't.

07-06-2009, 10:12 AM
My 700BDL in 7 mag packs a big punch because it does not weigh very much(Deer Rifle). However, many a metal target and small varmints have met their maker beyond 500yds.:43:

07-06-2009, 1:48 PM
How do you think it will do with a muzzle break?

07-06-2009, 2:07 PM
how comparable would recoil be out of same weight rifle for .30-06 and 7mm rem mag, I had a .30-06 same weight as the tikka, didn't bother me, I bet 7mm couldnt be that much worse.

07-06-2009, 2:44 PM
I've put about 150 rounds through my 7mm mag (Ruger) over the last few months. It's tolerable, but now a lot better after adding a recoil pad. The original rubber pad has become very hard, so I put a Limbsave slip on pad. Makes a big difference.
I typically take my .30-06 and 7mm together, and by the end of the day I'm fairly sore. The .30-06 is an old Win Mod 70, with the steel butt plate. Not a forgiving set up...

07-06-2009, 4:37 PM
If I'm going to shoot a magnum at the range, I prefer my 375 H&H