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Here's another 10/30 mag tutorial. This method takes the rivet method to another level of permanence by welding a rod into the mag body providing a permanent follower stop.
I used the straw measuring method provided by bobbyblank.
Materials needed:
Drinking straw for measuring
Flexible small metal ruler
3/16 metal rod
13/64 drill bit
Center punch
Masking Tape

As always, use your common sense and follow the laws. This method is for informational purposes only!

1. Take the 30 round mag body and insert the follower by its self.
2. Place the spring inside and compress it with your hand, at this time do not install the floor plate or you will have a illegal 30 rd mag.
3. Load 10 rounds into the mag. After you are sure you loaded only 10 rods, remove the spring and keep the mag body upside down. Using the straw method measure the bottoms tabs from the follower to the bottom of the mag body and make your marks on the straw. I then measured the marks on the straw with my ruler and noted it for future projects. Don't forget to add about 1/8" to your measurements to allow the bolt to strip off the first rd. I verified this with my bushmaster 10 rd. mag. Also, add half the width of the rod to the measurements.
Mark your measurements on your mag and also center the marks on the mag body.
Carefully clamp the mag into a vise
Use the center punch and mark the mags.
Use a smaller drill bit for the pilot holes.
Finish of with the 13/64 bit.
Debur the hole inside and out.
Use the dremel or grinder and prep the area for welding. Also prep a small area on the bottom of the mag body for the ground clamp.
Reassemble the follower and spring and place the inside the body making sure the follower doesn't get hung up on a burr.
Compress the spring into the body about half a inch using your fingers.
Install the precut metal rod into mag body through the drilled holes.
Release the mag spring. Make sure you have enough tension on the follower to properly feed. I found that having about 3 coils sticking out from the body felt about right.
At this point I would wrap the mag body with the masking tape so the rod doesn't fall out.
Install the floorplate and load 10 rds into the mag. Triple check that it won't accept the 11th rd.
Once your ready weld the rod in place.
Let the mag cool a bit then smooth down the welds.
Get some black touch up paint and thats it!
I did 5 mags yesterday and took the to the range. All of them loaded only 10 rds and feed perfectly:)

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Spot welded?

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No not spot welded. More like plug welded