View Full Version : DC16 Complete Piston Upper from Primary Weapon Systems

07-03-2009, 8:27 PM

i dunno if some you cats are interested on a complete piston upper. kinda pricey..


07-03-2009, 8:30 PM
Looks like the Addax ATAC upper.

07-03-2009, 8:35 PM
hello and welcome to two weeks ago...:)

Get em from Addax, our Ca vendor and PWS guy.

07-03-2009, 11:33 PM
We have a semi-exclusive arrangement with PWS, that allows us to build our own line of uppers with the new PWS piston system, and we call our new uppers, the Addax ATAC (Advanced Tactical AR Carbine).


The Addax ATAC and the PWS DC16 are the same, except, we build our own uppers here in California, with a variety of barrels, barrel lengths, different calibers, muzzle attachment options, cerrakote options, and other component options.

The Addax ATAC Mk3 with the Cold Hammer Forged Barrel, is the same upper as the DC16 that is being sold by DSG.

One other key difference, I offer the Calguns.net Forum Member discount...:43:

This is our ATAC Mk2 currently being evaluated by Militarymorons.com

http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc137/addax/atac2.jpg (http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc137/addax/atac2.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)

This is our ATAC SBR 10.5"

http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc137/addax/atac5.jpg (http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/%5BIMG%5Dhttp://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc137/addax/atac5.jpg%5B/IMG%5D)