View Full Version : LMS Defense Pistol 1 July 11-12 at Sac. Valley

Josh Jackson
07-01-2009, 9:47 PM
We have a couple of spots left in our two day Pistol 1 course coming up at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center on July 11th and 12th. It was originally scheduled for Yuba City but we had to change locations due to a scheduling conflict so we are now going to be at Sac. Valley.

The LMS Defense Pistol 1 course will teach weapon manipulation, marksmanship fundamentals, combat stress management, movement, use of cover, fighting from unusual positions, ground gunfighting, concealed weapon tactics and on-going self-training tools. This fast paced, challenging course will better enable you to use the handgun as an effective part of your defense system.

Equipment List:
Handgun and at least 3 magazines
700 rounds of pistol ammunition
Holster and magazine pouches
Cover garment if you regularly carry your weapon concealed
Pen and notebook
Hat or other head covering
Knee and elbow pads (optional but recommended)
Eye and ear protection
Sunscreen or raingear (as applicable)
Adequate personal water supply
Sack lunch and snack food (We do not leave the range for lunch)

$400 and a $10 per day range fee.

There are no prerequisites for this class and it is open to the public. If you are interested please contact me so we can get you signed up.

Josh Jackson
07-12-2009, 10:39 PM
Just wanted to thank everyone that came out for this weekends course for all of their hard work and effort. We had a great couple of training days and covered a lot of material. Keep up the good work and continue to train. I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

07-13-2009, 8:10 PM
I attended this weekends class and if anyone's thinking of taking this in the future, I would highly recommend it. Josh is professional and approachable, and explains the how and why in a manner that even dense folks like me can understand and execute correctly. My only previous handgun instruction was NRA basic pistol, and I now have no issue clearing malfunctions under stress, drawing from a holster, engaging multiple targets or shooting on the move. Also, I thought it was a pretty interesting aspect of the class and it's not mentioned in his posts, but Josh also touches on gunshot wound care and blow out kits, too.

With regard to other aspects of the class:
1) Josh and Bud ensured safety was always observed, and I never felt like I had to be concerned.
2) We received plenty of repetitions on each topic covered.
3) The pace of instruction was right on. I didn't see anyone struggling with the material.
4) It was interesting to learn how my gun performed under non-ideal conditions (i.e. dusty mags, lots of rounds and hot, dry weather). It's rock solid in a clean, air conditioned indoor range, but it neared its limits outside.
5) Given the quality of instruction, I think the cost of the class is a deal.

Suggestions for potential Pistol 1 students: (Seasoned folks already know this, but it was new to me)
1) Bring more magazines if you can.
2) Wear cargo pants or shorts and stow 30 loose rounds in a pocket. That way you don't have to leave the line to reload.
3) Bring LOTS of water. I knocked back a 3L camelbak and two nalgene bottles by 2pm on Sunday.
4) Ask Josh how clean the back seat of a police car really is. Another reason to never get arrested.


07-13-2009, 10:38 PM
I just completed the pistol 1 class with Josh and am currently signed up for the carbine course. Two thumbs up. What an unbelievable amount of improvement in my shooting, focus and mind set. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning not just tactical defense but just the right way to shoot fast and accurate. I have mostly used long guns for the past 25 years and handguns only 10 years, but never was professionally trained. This class is a must! I am also planning to sign up for the home defense if LMS can put something together in Nevada.

This class didn't waste amm$ and put my skills or lack there of in front of me to address and overcome. Josh gets the got the job done quickly, efficiently and with a smile on everyone's face. Can't say enough good things. The class was full of overachievers that really banded together to overcome obstacles through out the weekend. We even had some great friendly competition wth clearing double feeds followed with accuracy shots. Talk about pressure. ; )

To follow suite with the recommendations.

1. Know your gear and test it to make sure you are prepared when you come.
2. If possible bring an extra gun, magazines and rig just in case of breakage or malfunction. No need to waste the weekend not being prepared.
3. Don't shoot reloads that you have not proven in your gun. This is not the time find out the reloads feed or jam on every shot.
4. Bring an open mind to change how you do everything.

Thanks again to Josh and Bud for a safe, educational and fun weekend.


07-14-2009, 10:07 PM
I attended this class as well and was I amazed at the amount of things I did'nt know or have been doing improperly all these years. After shooting pistols for almost ten years now I realize that being trained by a pro like Josh is a priceless experience especially if you plan to ever use a hangun in any kind of self defence situation.

I came into this thinking I wasnt going to learn much but came out with a whole new perspective on how to handle myself as well as my firearm when using it at the range or at home. I have to admit that the thing that impressed me the most was the instructors ability to give one on one training to everyone as well as his ability to teach this in a way that 8 different people could understand.

As far as I know LMS has only been around for several years but they are by far the most organized, committed defence school I have been to. I too am planning on signing up for the Shotgun course as well as home defence as soon as it comes around. I am even considering making a visit to there main facilities located in Fernley Nevada to train on there soil where they are set up with shot houses and everything else. Good luck and try these guys out you wont regret it. BTW women have taking these classes as well and I am actually going to sign up my sisters for this course as the other huge thing about these guys is the amount of safety they exercised throughout the weekend. Thanks Bud for taking care of us out there.