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07-01-2009, 10:18 AM
Finally found the solution to my 11-87 doublefeeding and mis-feeding.

Took it to del Valle Gunsmith in Carmel, http://www.delvallegunsmithing.com/ and he fixed it.

Remington was useless on this issue, they didn't even return calls or e mails. For their customer service, I'll never buy another product from them.:confused:

Anyway, turns out the issue was the little circlip that holds the intercepter latch in place. Apparently there are three sizes, and if the circlip is too thin, the latch rattles around and the gun double feeds. :eek:

Total cost, $10.00 and 10 minutes of my time. Can't say enough about Ray Parga and del Valle Gunsmithing. Fixed the problem while I waited, told me exactly what he did, and didn't rape me on the charge. What more can you ask for from a business. Class act.:cool:

Went to Midway and found the clips, bought the three size pack for less than $5.00 in case the clip wears out.

07-01-2009, 11:41 AM
Good to know. My 11-87 has been problem-free (even worked with when the O-ring on the barrel disintegrated - it was in the wrong spot), although I haven't shot it much.

07-01-2009, 1:22 PM
I had issues from the start with double feeds and mis-feeds. Contacting Remington was a waste of time. They do not answer e mails. Nobody on any of the other forums was of any use either. Maybe I got a lemon, who knows but my gun was a POS. And Remington let me down.

I have a friend who lives in Carmel, and he found del Valle Gunsmithing, the owner Ray Parga is great to deal with. He answers e mails, and did the work while I waited. I would have paid $100.00 or more to get this fixed, so only having to fork over $10.00 made me happy.

I took the gun out and went through a couple hundred rounds of slugs, buckshot and trap loads, high velocity and reduced recoil loads, rapid firing and trying to make the gun malfunction. It worked perfectly. Since the oversize circlips are made by Remington, you would think they could have directed me to this solution, but noooooooo, that's apparently not their style.

In any event, I now know of a good gunsmith, and have a working shotgun, which is a good thing.