View Full Version : PPT for an Off List pistol coming in from out of state

06-24-2009, 4:59 AM
A friend of mine owns a Masterpiece Arms Mini9 Side Charger with 30rd mags in Utah. She is willing to sell it to me and frequently comes to California.

I searched and could not find an answer for these questions:

*what is the process to PPT a pistol coming in from out of state that is not on the CA handgun list?

*what does a single sled consist of for this type of handgun?

*if she modifies the magazines to accept only ten rounds, would this be a straight PPT with no issues?

and yes I have seen the MPA mini9 for $1195 in the for sale section

thank you

06-24-2009, 5:05 AM
PPT is only between CA residents

AFAIK PRKarms are the only guys who make a sled/maglock assembly for these

You can't receive it as a PPT, it would be an out of state dealer transfer and would be subject to the drop safety test....

Unless your mom/dad/son/daughter/grandfather/grandmother bought it and sent it to you.... then you would be able do an exempt out of state familial transfer (still has to go through a dealer)

06-24-2009, 10:53 AM
Currently, a PPT is only between CA residents.

In order to be exempt from the approved list, prior to being imported into CA, the pistol will need...
a magazine lock.
a 0 round magazine.
a 6"+ barrel.