View Full Version : What is your Depts policy on Off duty weapons selection?

06-23-2009, 11:08 PM
What is your Departments policy on selecting an Off Duty weapon?
I am lucky in that I work for a department that allows us almost unlimited freedom when selecting your off duty weapon. Personally I carry a Kimber Pro CDP, Sig 228, Glock 19 or if going to be out in teh dark most of the time a Kimber SIS with Surefire X300 tac light that my wife got me for a wedding present.
Sty safe,

06-24-2009, 6:22 AM
Anything you want as long as you can qual with it.

06-24-2009, 7:39 AM
.380 or above

06-24-2009, 8:00 AM
I can carry anything I want. No restrictions.

06-24-2009, 9:25 AM
Anything but magnums.

El Gato
06-24-2009, 9:41 AM
No restrictions... I'm a Probation Officer... and the Cal. Atty Gen. wrote an opinion piece about 25 yrs ago saying the Chief can't say diddly about us carrying off duty... all policy is written with that in mind... they try to absolve themselves of any culpability...

What do I carry?
On duty a glock 22
off duty
Mostly a custom 1911 & usually a S&W 642 in an ankle holster... 2 is 1 - 1 is none... when it breaks...

or a Glock 20... and....

others depending...it doesn't have to match ... it has to go with the outfit...and a fella can't go wrong with basic black...TTGunleather .... and Ivory stocks are a fella's best friend right?

06-24-2009, 10:10 AM
.380 minimum.

Jonathan Doe
06-24-2009, 10:29 AM
There are list of approved firearms for on/ off duty optional use. If one wants to carry from the list, the person have to attend 4 hr training class and pass the qual. Primarily 9mm and 45 Auto. I usually carry P226 on and off duty, and sometimes P220.

06-24-2009, 10:51 AM
Anything you want as long as you can qual with it.

Same with us, but the range officer must also approve it, prior to qual.

06-24-2009, 11:22 AM
Only Calibers allowed .380, 9mm, .38 Spl, .40, and .45 ACP

Only Makes Allowed
Smith and Wesson

1911s ok

only ammo allowed ; Hydrashock or Ranger SXT

06-24-2009, 6:31 PM
Same with us, but the range officer must also approve it, prior to qual.

Goes without saying....

Our range master inspects all guns prior to being shot.

06-25-2009, 3:27 PM
.380, .40 cal. .45 acp in any configuration.

.38 special & .357...likewise

gotta qualify with it too.....

06-25-2009, 6:02 PM
First department (state agency), whatever we wanted as long as we used department provided ammo. No issues.

Second department (PD), whatever we wanted as long as YOU provided the ammo ;) Cheap SOB's...

We had guys carrying everything from 22lr NAA revolvers to one guy with his 50GI converted 1911... Well, maybe one guy with a Vector 308 pistol also ;)

06-26-2009, 10:22 PM
I am also a Deputy Probation Officer so I carry whatever I want. No restrictions as long as I qual with it. If I am wearing shorts I have a subcompact Taurus 40 cal. that slips right into my pocket. For normal days I may carry the Beretta 92fs. In cold weather I wear a Paraordnance P14 in 45 cal. That Para Ord is heavy so I dont take that out to often.

Stay safe

06-26-2009, 10:33 PM
My last gig...

** On duty, 9, .40 or .45, issue ammo (.40) was Winchester Ranger, or we could supply our own HydraShoks.

** Off duty was .380 or greater, Ranger or HydraShoks authorized, .40 Ranger was issued.

All weapons carried were to be in factory configuration, with allowance for aftermarket grips and night sights.

06-27-2009, 2:24 AM
Your pistol has to pass inspection, and you have to qualify. The only Magnum allowed is the .357. Buy your own ammo, or use what you carry on duty.