View Full Version : HK Safety/Hammer Decocker sticking

06-22-2009, 3:08 PM
Question for you HK USP owners out there.

I've lately been having issues with the safety/hammer decocker being really hard to engage, or sometimes even locking up on me. Generally I just clean the hell out of it, saturate it with oil and work the mechanism till it gets back to the smooth action it's supposed to have, clean off the excess oil and put it away.
Then, the next time I take it out, I seem to be back in the same boat again after about 200+ rounds.

I was considering soaking it in Carbon Killer for a few hours, but figured I'd check in here with the crew to see what the opinions are.

Also, I'm not a qualified HK armorer, so I'm not really too keen on taking the entire mechanism apart and voiding my warranty....