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06-21-2009, 1:24 PM
Hey everyone, this is my first post so I think I did enough searching on the forum before posting these questions.

I was looking to pick up a Sig P229R Two Tone in .40 and a Sig P228R. Currently the only versions on the handgun roster are both versions minus the "R", so the non railed versions. Has anyone had experiences with either or these models?

I emailed Sig Sauer customer service and confirmed that the P228R was in fact illegal, but they had submitted it to CA for certification. No time frame on that though :no:

Lastly, since the P229R Two Tone is illegal, I've found a legal P229 non railed Two Tone. It comes with 2 pre ban 12 RD mags. As I've read in other posts here, it sounds like it's legal for my to buy this gun, but I'll have to have the mags stripped down? Ideally, I'd ask for the 10RDers instead, but I'm dealing with a private seller and not a dealer.

Thanks in advance everyone.

06-21-2009, 3:10 PM
I am buying a black SigSauer P226R DA/SA in .40S&W with Night Sights and a TLR-2 for my 21st birthday in October.

I know they are legal and on the roster, however I am not sure about the two tone, as I dont really want a two tone.

To buy a handgun from out of state, it needs to be on the roster, and the mags need to be under 10 rounds.
If you can find a consignment/PPT one, then by all means you can buy it.

06-21-2009, 3:25 PM
I guess the question is "how important is the rail to you?" It may matter to you, it may not. I prefer to have rails and night sights on the guns I buy, don't know when I may need either, but I like to have the option available. If you really want the rail, maybe you should wait and see how the certification goes. The gun market is easing up now, Sigs aren't flying off the shelves. You should be able to pick up a railed Sig model later if the certification doesn't go through (highly unlikely since Sig knows what they're doing).

06-21-2009, 3:26 PM
If you are buying from an individual within California, and you and the seller will meet at an FFL to execute a PPT, then you do not need to follow the handgun roster. You may not transfer the magazines if they hold more than 10 rounds of the specified caliber. The seller may give you them, disassembled, as spare or replacement parts, but it would be illegal fo ryou to assemble them back into a large capacity magazine.

If you're buying from a seller out of state, or who won't meet you at an FFL to execute the PPT, then you must adhere to the handgun roster.

I have experience with an original W. German P228, and a newer P229SS. They're both excellent guns.

06-21-2009, 4:49 PM
Thanks for the responses.

The mean reason for the issue I'm having with the railed version is because Sig's newer stock appear to be produced with the railed frames only. With the P228, they are apparently no longer made (replaced by the 229) and the recent batches of 228s are the last of it. Unfortunately, they are sold as 'P228R', and being that they are the last of them and only recently available, it doesn't look like it'll be in the CA DOJ list.

The last handguns I picked up out of state have all been on the certified list, and I'd take the non railed CA legals now if I could. The problem is that I can't find those very often new. :( Looks like I'll have to wait regardless.

I appreciate the comments everyone.

06-21-2009, 9:28 PM
For the 228R you're pretty much screwed.

But if you want a 229R tu-tone then just buy a plain jane 229R Nitron all black Sig, and send it back to Sig for a bead blast treatment or a competent gunsmith and bam you have a stainless tu-tone Sig. All the new tu-tones are just bare staineless slides no finish on them. While the older ones they applied a greyish matte finish which they called nickel.

Sure it will cost more and take longer/more hassle but that's the bull we have to deal with for living in commiefornia.

06-21-2009, 9:31 PM
I didnt know the rail are not cali approved anymore, all my platinums and equinox have the rails, never really cared if they had them or not.

06-22-2009, 12:29 AM
Yeah dfens, sure looks that way for the 228 :( All bad on that one.

Well for now, hopefully I'll find an earlier non railed 229 T/T. From what I've read, the earlier Sigs seem to be better constructed than the newer ones anyhow. The search will continue ...

sirr6 -- naw, not all rails are non-approved. In fact I have two railed Sigs. It just so happens that the 229 T/T are only approved on the non railed models. Too bad the list doesn't approve based on models rather than every specific variant!