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06-11-2005, 8:28 PM
I finished off my latest project - my new Mk 14 mod S (for Shark). which consists of the following:

LRB M-14SA receiver S/N 015**
SEI H-K style front sight
SEI muzzle break
SEI Extended bolt release
LRB/Criterion 18.5" Chrome Lined barrel
Sadlak NM Spring Guide
TRW Bolt, Op Rod and Trigger Group
Sage California Chop Mod Stock, with Short LOP buttstock provided by Law483, and clip guide
Rooster's cheek rest
Troy Industries front and rear flip-up BUIS
Aimpoint M3 w/ 2MOA dot and Arms QD Mount
MagPul XT Coyote Brown Rail Panels.
Knight's Picitinny QD sling Swivel
Specter Gear SOP sling

I have put about 260 rounds through it and it runs like a champ. I even got to put 40 rds through it during a few evolutions at a tactical piston shoot, which included double taps and rapid fire strings.

I would like to thank a whole lot of folks who helped out with the project. Ted Brown built the rifle and installed the Sage. The action is smooth as glass and shoots 1MOA at 100yrds if I do my part. Ted is first class guy and gets things done quickly and his prices are reasonable.

Lou at LRB was also great when I had problems with magazines locking into place. I shipped the rifle on his dime and it came back a week later working perfectly. Lou stands behind his product and is constantly trying to improve it. Talk to Lou before posting your problems on the board. He will listen and take care of it.

I purchased the Sage stock from TJ at http://www.securityarms.com, who is great to deal with and ships fast. His prices on the Sage stuff are lower than everyone else out there. The rifle in the Sage stock actually weighs a little less than an M14/M1A bush rifle with a SEI scope mount.

Tony at http://www.law483.com worked with me on getting a shorter LOP on the Sage, which comes with a speed feed shotgun stock that has at least 15" LOP and way to long of a reach to the trigger. The rifle now has an 11.5" LOP and a normal reach to the trigger, which makes it much more balanced and very fast handling. Tony also talked me into getting the Troy Ind. BUIS sights. Now, I can shoot optics and irons on the same plane, i.e. I can use the same cheek rest positon for both the aimpoint and the BUIS. Troy Ind. makes some really nice gear. Look for some cool M14 stuff coming from Troy in the near future.

Finally, I got the Aimpoint from Frank Sottile, who is also great to deal with and has good prices. The new 2MOA dot is great for 100m + shots. It bridges the gap between the EOTechs 1 MOA dot and the 4M0A Aimpoints.

06-11-2005, 9:28 PM
....that carbine looks veeeeeeery familiar.. http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif...I've rubbed it a few times...it's niiiiice.


06-11-2005, 9:29 PM

Interesting idea with mounting the Troy BUIS like that... I hadn't thought of that.

06-13-2005, 3:26 PM
Wow!!! http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_eek.gif

Very nice! That's gotta be about $3000 worth of bad-***** M1A, right?

06-14-2005, 3:22 PM

Looks great! Glad you like the BUIS.

Take Care,


06-15-2005, 3:54 PM
whoa i have never seen anything like that before, freakin awesome dude!

06-15-2005, 7:45 PM
Damn that is sweet lookin! Totally changes the look. Makes me feel like making one. Gees, all I have is measly bone stock Chi-com M14. http://calguns.net/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_frown.gif

06-18-2005, 9:48 AM